The Cincinnati Improvisational Group "Aberration"

David T. Chastain*Guitar
Mike Haid*Drums
Mike Skimmerhorn*Bass

Recorded 9.3.1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Mastered and edited 4.1.2013 by David T. Chastain

Aberration's definition is:
1. A deviation from the proper or expected course.

This Cd is a follow up recording to the legendary "Freeform Free For All" that the band released in 1996. The jams on this Cd are usually started with riffs from David T. Chastain's previously released Cds and then taken to the outer limits of improvisation.
The band's ability to stray into metal, funk, rock, blues and fusion all within the same track is mind boggling. Especially considering nothing is ever planned out before the music starts. The only starting point is the initial riff and off they go.
David's wide range of influences have never been displayed in a better light than in these no holds barred jam sessions where there are no rules. Drummer Mike Haid showcases his fusion roots and Bassist Mike Skimmerhorn pounds away on the bass to keep everything in the groove.
The music on this Cd is definitely an "aberration" from the norm!

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