Cincinnati Improvisational Group

Freeform Free For All (2010)

Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines the word improvise as: "To compose, recite, play, or sing extemporaneously (Skilled at or given to unrehearsed speech or performance.) To make, invent, or arrange offhand. To fabricate out of what is conveniently on hand. To improvise something."

Leviathan Records is happy to reissue the debut Cd of THE CINCINNATI IMPROVISATIONAL GROUP and their release "FREEFORM FREE FOR ALL". Instead of sitting here and telling you all of the superlatives, we will just let David tell you in his own words about this release.

"As my career developed into a recording situation it became necessary to make the songs much more structured. It has always been difficult for me to play a "short solo" of 8 or 16 bars. I have always been much more excited to play something unrehearsed and for the first time with no constraints or restrictions. It's like love, nothing beats the first time for the magic and excitement. As the CHASTAIN, CJSS and DAVID T. CHASTAIN releases became successful it forced me to concentrate on the songs and less on improvising. However, even as the above recordings were very enjoyable and something I am very proud I still had the desire to keep up my improvising skills."

" On my "MOVEMENTS THRU TIME" Cd I decided to release a portion of one of the tracks from my "jam" band, THE CINCINNATI IMPROVISATIONAL GROUP. The track was "ZONED IN DANGER". I received numerous letters from fans around the world wanting to know how to get more material from the band. We generally received excellent response to the track. Some of the fans were willing to pay a very high price for tapes of the material."

"When we originally were recording the material it was for our own personal enjoyment with no plans to ever release the tracks to the public. I always felt the material was more for the players than the listener. I must have been wrong! While I admit, I believe that the material definitely contains my best "soloing" to date, it is an honor to share the music with everyone." "THE CINCINNATI IMPROVISATIONAL GROUP features myself on guitar, MIKE SKIMMERHORN, the bassist from CHASTAIN and CJSS, and MIKE HAID, the drummer that has played on many of my later releases. Not everyone can "Jam" together. It is a special musical bond that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. You can have the best players in the world together, but if the "magic" is not there the music will be noise. Myself and the 2 Mike's had the special bond that usually worked out to create some outstanding pieces of improvisation."

"The way a "jam" works is that I would come in and show the other guys the main theme and we would take it from there to places we had no preconceptions to go. If we got "too far out" we would always return to the theme and explore a different path. Of course your have a few mistakes and crashes along the way, but when it works there is no greater feeling."
"This music was recorded live with no overdubs in anyway. We usually did these jams before an audience of only a few friends in my own home studio in Cincinnati. I hope you enjoy listening to the recordings as much as we did making it."!!

This Cd was only commercially released in Japan on FEMS, the legendary metal label.

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