CJSS 99 Interview

Interview by Sandro Buti

1. Why did you decide this comeback?
David T. Chastain: A couple of concert halls in Cincinnati wanted me to do a show this summer and I decided it was time to bring CJSS back. I discussed it with the other guys in the band and they were all for it.

2.What are you expectations on it?
DTC: They expect both shows to sell out and it should be a lot of fun. CJSS was the biggest metal band of all time from the area. It should be a lot of fun seeing people and fans who we haven't seen in a long time. I will enjoy dusting off some of the those classic CJSS licks and blowing them out. I think it should go great!!

3. Is it the prologue of a "real" reunion?
DTC: CJSS officially never broke up, we just quit playing shows and putting out new Cds. We never had a big fight or anything. I just more or less decided to concentrate on my other bands where I had complete control and direction of the music. We may play future shows from time to time and a new Cd at some point is not totally out of the question. I guess it really depends on the demand.

4. What are currently the former members of CJSS doing?
DTC: I believe Russell Jinkens has just finished a solo Cd but I have not heard it. Les and Mike are in a band called Black Bone Cat based in Cincinnati. Mike has switched from bass to guitar in that band and does most of the singing.

5. What about the rerelease of both albums on one CD?
DTC: We have been looking for the right moment to re-release World Gone Mad and Praise The Loud and this seemed like the perfect time. We get constant requests to release those on Cds. We were able to fit both of them on one extended Cd so it is a great deal for the fans! They have been repackaged and remastered and the sound is really an improvement over the original Lp and cassette. In 1999 there are a lot of tools available to make things sound better.

6. Are there any unreleased CJSS tracks you would like to unveil?
DTC: We have tons of live recordings and demos. There is also a multi-camera live concert video that one day may become available. You just never know what might pop out of the vaults!

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