Gus G Interview by Metal Culture

1. As even I didnęt know you until a short time ago , please introduce yourself to our readers.

Gus G: Hello, my name is Gus G. and I play guitar in the heavy metal band FIREWIND. The rest of my bandmates are Stephen Fredrick on vocals, Konstantine on bass and Brian Harris on drums.

2. I think your album is a quite succesfull piece of work, what do you think about it ?

Gus G: I'm very proud of this album, we put a lot of work in it!

3. In the "Rock hard" you have really so-to-say been you feel that as a good or rather as a bad thing?`?

Gus G: If you're talking about "Rock Hard" magazine, I think they like FIREWIND very much and have done a good presentation of the band. They have supported all my musical efforts so far. I've been informed that in Germany they consider me a good guitarist and all that, so I guess being an acclaimed guitarist is a good thing.

4. What are your lyrics about?

Gus G: Our lyrics vary from fantasy stuff to real life situations like war, mankind's direction, etc.

5. Are you going to go on tour now?

Gus G: We're working on it. No official dates yet.

6. If yes, will you then also come to Germany ?

Gus G: If we go on a European tour, I think we will play in Germany.

7. Are there any other news from Firewind ?

Gus G: Well, we were currently informed that our debut "Between Heaven and Hell" is doing very good in Japan, so we're happy for that! I will start working on new material soon for the next album and of course check out touring opportunities.

8. Thank you a lot for the interview but I have still one question left: Who came up with the idea of the name firewind and what does it mean ?

Gus G: I came up with the name FIREWIND. I took it from one of Uli Roth's albums, with his band, Electric Sun. I think it's a very powerful and catchy name! I believe that Fire is also a symbol of power and our music definitely has fire in it!!! Thanx for your support! Stay METAL!!!



Band photos

Firewind's "Between Heaven and Hell" cover art.

Firewind's European "Between Heaven and Hell" cover art.