Interview with Kate French

1.) We haven't heard from you in a while, what have you been up to?

Kate French: Well, a lot has happened in the past two years since the recording of In Dementia, I was married to Larry Howe (now ex drummer for Vicious Rumors) in February of 96 and exactly one year to the day after, I was pregnant, and just had a little baby boy Trevor!.

2). Wow, that is a lot, what about your music, are you still singing, recording or playing?

Yes, I've been doing a lot of writing, playing acoustic guitar, and singing at clubs around town in the past two years, but not as much as I would like to have, it's amazing how time consuming getting ready for a child to come into the world can be, and your body gets pretty exhausted just from small tasks.

3.) Has the pregnancy changed you at all, do you look any different now.?

No, I'm not a fat cow if that's what you mean, but I sure was one a few months ago. I went from a petite 115 to a cowly190, I must admit, it was pretty scary to look in the mirror, and I was afraid I'd be forever fat, but as soon as I had the baby, the weight just dropped off. After three months I'm at 130, so fifteen pounds to go! As for the change of having a child...no it really docent change you at all, I would recommend it for anyone that wanted to add real meaning to life..A genetic recreation of myself and my husband..It's a trip.

4.) Did Larry's leaving V.R. have anything to do with you or the pregnancy?

NO, Larry was tired of spending so much time away from home and his job, and getting nothing in return, and after fifteen years of trying and not getting paid, he thought it was time to reaccess the situation. He's still recording and playing and is an owner operator in his business, makes a killer living and is very happy.

5.)Are you planning on a solo project?

Not in the near future, but I'm getting songs together and developing my musicianship for one within the next five years.

6.) I heard Ronnie Montrose was in touch with you.

Yea, it was a big compliment. I left a Chastain In Dementia Cd with him to check out at a show he did in Sacramento. He didn't know me from adam and paid no attention, but three days later I got a phone call. He told me how great he thought my voice was, a big compliment! He asked what I was doing and I said having a baby...So much for that...besides there's only one guitar God I worship..My boss DT.

7.) Do you see yourself in a band with your husband in the future?

Well,.. we've talked about it, and I think he's definitely one of the best drummers in the business. if not the best (I'm bias) and an excellent showman...but for now we both want to concentrate on family, unless David decides to recruit him and we do another album.

8.) Are you planning on doing another Chastain album and what direction musically would you like it to go?

..I hope so!!!!! Well, since Chastain is synonymous with being heavy, probably something more along the lines of Fight or I'd even be willing to try something new like Rob Zombie, I don't know, the whole idea of music is to constantly reinvent yourself, people want to hear something with a new twist, something that hasn't been done I believe, we shall see....

9.)Who are your old and new influences?

Old, Leather Leone and Carl Albert are the first influences I had to sing like I do, I tried to emulate them, isn't it ironic that I married Carls (of VR) drummer and took Leathers place! I could never take her place, I should say became the new vocalist for Chastain, and new, no one really, haven't heard any really powerful women, or men for that matter lately.

10.)What do you think the future holds for metal?

Hopefully a resurgence! Right now, metal is only happening in foreign countries, therefore there's not an awful lot of money to be made. Metals dead here it's turning into industrial, and tech metal or hard core, seems like everything olds made new again though.

11) How do you get the material for your lyrics?

It's usually what I'm going thru at the time, I'd have to say I write my best stuff when I'm really pissed at someone, angry makes good for aggressive music! My lyrics come from my emotions.

12) Does your voice fit you!

No, people are shocked and don't believe it when I tell them it's me, I'm a laid back, really sweet person and I do my best to treat others the way I would want to be treated, I guess I do have a mean streak, but only those close to me witness it.

13) Do you think you'll ever tour again?

If we release a new album and I'm paid, of course!

14) What do you think of touring?

It's rough, I haven't done a whole lot, but for a woman, trying to look halfway decent and not get sick takes a lot of effort when you go from climate to climate and sing the way I do especially. Our first tour I found kind of harsh going from California 70 degrees to Chicago to practice in 30 degrees and snow. It makes for difficult wellbeing.

15)Have you ever had a sexual relationship with any of your band members?

In the past, several times, it's always what broke my bands up, but, I learned my lesson several times over. no.

16)Do you think women in heavy metal will take over the way they have in pop?

I don't think so we're a rare breed, but who knows they may put tiny soft voices over big guitars, that might be a new thing!

17)Has your social life changed since you've become a family woman?

I never was a real hard-core party person, so not that much and I never was into drugs, I don't do anything now, and I don't need to I'm completely satisfied, and much healthier.

18)Do you have any hobbies on the side?

Yes, photography.

19)How did you come up with the name Trevor for your son?

Lar and I are both huge Yes fans, he was named after Trevor Rabin, guitarist from Yes

20)Any comments or words of wisdom for the people out there?

Yes, always treat others as equals, and with kindness because for everything you do, there's always a return.