David T. Chastain-guitar, Michael Harris-guitar, David Harbour-bass and Greg Martin-drums, four of the most talented musicians in Hard Rock/Metal.

Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!! was recorded by the group during a series of live concerts in the late summer of 1991. The material taken from David's and Michael's previous works takes on new strength and excitement in the live letting. Also each virtuoso has his own solo section to showcase his talents uninhibited.

By anyone's standards this group of stellar performers can only be classified in the "Superstar Of Musicians" category. Not since Racer X or Cacophony has a group been able to boast such an impressive lineup. In today's musical climate where some of the most successful artist can barely play their instruments, it is refreshing to know that there are still a few brave souls whose main mission is the integrity of their music and the ability to perform at the highest level.

From the opening salvo and bombastic intensity of "Menage A Trois +1" to the heaviness of "Eminent Domain" and to the beauty of "Mind Or Heart", the band effortlessly provides us with unsurpassed musical enjoyment.

Produced by David, recorded by Steve McClure and mixed by Joe Alexander at the world famous Kajem Studios in Philadelphia, the quality of this live recording is excellent. This really is a "Live" cd, not something fabricated in the studio.

Hopefully this release will only be the beginning of a musical relationship that will periodically bring us other "out of the world" recordings. Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!!, we feel that title tells it all!!!

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