David T. Chastain considered by many as the most versatile Hard Rock/Metal guitarist of our time showcases his amazing talents on this compilation CD "Movements Thru Time". Displaying tracks from his solo recordings, Chastain, CJSS, and Chastain Harris, Movements Thru Time also features two previously unreleased selections that show David's amazing improvisational prowess! Having released 12 recordings since 1985, David has proved to be the most prolific musician in the Hard Rock/Metal family.

These tracks, personally selected by David T., shows the variety and integrity of his work. From the heaviness of Blitzkrieg to the fusionistic Fortunate Happenstance, David and friends always are on the mark. Many great musicians are featured on this CD. Vocalist Leather Leone and Russell Jinkens, Bassist David Harbour and Mike Skimmerhorn, fellow guitarist Michael Harris and drummers Ken Mary, Greg Martin, Les Sharp and Rick Porter. Needless to say a smorgasbord of talent! Movements Thru Time brings some of the gems from David's career thru 1992.

"As a player, Chastain ranks with Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai." Guitar World

"Impressive as always." "Melodic, intelligent and captivating." Guitar For The Practicing Musician

"Cultured Metal with and I.Q. of at least 200." Kerrang

"Guitarist David T. Chastain ably combines flash and substance for the kind of attention grabbing, ear spitting sound of which few bands are capable." Billboard