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Original CHASTAIN band reforms!

Guitarist David T. Chastain and vocalist Leather Leone have reformed the original CHASTAIN. Also back in the saddle is original bassist Mike Skimmerhorn. The drum tracks were recently recorded in Norway by Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind/Firewind).

The Leather fronted CHASTAIN recorded 5 critically acclaimed Cds in the mid to late 80s and 1990:
85- Mystery of Illusion
86- Ruler of the Wasteland
87- The 7th of Never
88- The Voice of the Cult
90- For Those Who Dare

After the For Those Who Dare tour, David and Leather amicably went their separate ways but kept in touch over the years. Leather decided to reenter the 'metal wars' and released the Sledge Leather Project "Imagine Me Alive" Cd in 2012.

Of the newly reformed CHASTAIN David states: "We are trying to write and record music that is expected of us but with some modern twists and turns. We just wanted to make sure the music would live up to our past releases."


FIREWIND reissues its classic "BURNGIN EARTH" Cd with new mastering and three additional bonus tracks. Gus G at his best!


LEVIATHAN RECORDS celebrates 25 years in business with a collection of some of the classic instrumental tracks we have released over the years. Without a doubt some of the best guitar music heard during that time span!

KENZINER'S "The Absolute Best Of" needs no further description.

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN has issued 2 compilation Cds. "The Early Years" and "Playing For Pennies." The first takes tracks from the band's first 2 Cds, while the later covers the Cds with Eric Johns on Vocals. Excellent Heavy Southern Blues Rock.

FIREWIND's "The Fire and The Fury" is now available for ROCK BAND!!

"FREEFORM FREE FOR ALL" is finally here!

This Cd was only commercially released in Japan on FEMS, the legendary metal label.

CHASTAIN "In An Outrage: The Heavy Mix"

This alternate version of the Cd is much heavier and rawer. Check it out!!

CHASTAIN "The Reign of Leather"

This collection of Chastain tracks features all of the songs the legendary vocalist Leather had a hand in writing during her glory days with the band. As hard as it is to believe, Leather last appeared on a new Chastain recording 20 years ago and has not recorded any new music since that time. Despite that fact, her reputation lives on. Leather had but a brief 5 year stint in the classic band but recorded some timeless gems that have withstood the test of time. True metal fans consider Leather the preeminent female heavy metal vocalist of the late 80s. These tracks were recently digitally remastered in 2010 to bring them up to today's sound quality.

The newest Southern Gentlemen Cd is an all instrumental showcase of the band's favorite tracks. Rip roaring guitar for fans of heavy blues hard rock!

DAVID T CHASTAIN "Heavy Excursions"

David recently decided that he wanted to put out a release of what he considered his best "Heavy" instrumentals and he has done so on his new Cd, "Heavy Excursions." Tracks included are from "Instrumental Variations" as well as tracks from some of David's other all instrumental Cds, "Within The Heat," "Elegant Seduction," "Acoustic Visions," "Rock Solid Guitar," and David's newest all instrumental Cd, "Countdown to Infinity." As an extra bonus David added the Chastain instrumental classic "827" and the bombastic CJSS cut "Thunder and Lightning."

Gibson Guitar's website proclaims David T. Chastain one of the "10 Guitarists You Need to Hear": 10 Guitarists You Need to Hear
Ted Drozdowski 01.19.2009
"Since his mid-'80s emergence this Atlanta guitarist has been the undisputed god of underground metal. He is a classically influenced player with chops every bit as formidable as Yngwie and Michael Schenker, but more diverse. His 50-odd albums leap from old-school lyric metal to heavy instrumental fusion to improv to southern boogie. Chastain is also the founder of the Leviathan Records label. For an introduction to his high-octane world go to"


The 4th SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN Cd "Valley of Fire" showcases vocalist Eric Johns. Click on the links for further info!
By the way you have probably heard some of the other Southern Gentlemen Cds and didn't even know it. The band's music has been used extensively on numerous TV networks such as VH1, Discovery, USA, MTV, A&E, Biography, National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery, Discovery Health, CMTV, Comedy Central, Learning Channel, FIT TV, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Bravo, HGTV, VSPOT, Style, Disney, SCI-FI, Spike TV and others. A track was also on the DVD of the Adam Sandler/Chris Rock movie "The Longest Yard."

CHASTAIN Re-issues!!

Shrapnel Records will re-issue the first 2 Chastain Cds "Mystery of Illusion" and "Ruler of the Wasteland" in October. Band founder David T. Chastain states: "At long last these will be available on Cd as official releases. These Cds aren't to be confused with the bootleg versions that were put out a few years back by a bunch of thieves who called themselves Mega Metal Records, whomever that is/was." "Mystery of Illusion" was originally released in 1985 and "Ruler of the Wasteland" was released in 1986. David adds: "I don't think a week has gone by in 20 years when someone hasn't asked me 'When is "Ruler or Mystery" going to be available on Cd?" The band lineup on "Mystery of Illusion" includes Leather on Vocals, David T. Chastain on Guitar, Mike Skimmerhorn on bass, and Fred Coury, pre-Cinderella, on Drums. The band lineup on "Ruler of the Wasteland" includes the same lineup except Ken Mary is the drummer. Ken Mary went on to play with Alice Cooper and House of Lords amongst others. David's final comments: "In listening back to these Cds I think they hold up very well in the "Classic Metal" landscape. We added a couple of never before available bonus tracks to spice it up for the fans that have waited for an eternity to get these on Cd. At least I won't have to answer again to 'When will they be available on Cd?' Enjoy!"

DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Countdown to Infinity"

David T. Chastain's newest studio instrumental Cd "Countdown to Infinity." This Cd is available at many outlets. Check it out!! It was recently the #1 Rock Guitarist Cd at! Check out the Metal Edge Magazine interview with David T. Check out the interview here!

Finally there is a place to get Chastain, David T. Chastain, Southern Gentlemen, Zanister, CJSS and other artists T-Shirts and More! Unbelievable selection, quality and prices! Plus a 30 day money back guarantee. Go to:

We are happy to announce " Leviathan Classics." Some long lost and out of print Cds such as CHASTAIN "For Those Who Dare," DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Within The Heat," LEATHER "Shock Waves" and many more are now available for download thru itunes and other like sites!! We have had so many requests for these titles that we felt we had to get them back out there for the fans!!

Former Firewind/Kenziner vocalist Stephen Fredrick has a devastating new Cd with guitarist Corbin King (Vainglory/Corbin King), drummer Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind/Firewind) and bassist James Martin (Zanister). KINRICK!! is the name of this great new band. Producer David T. Chastain comments: "Corbin and Stephen basically live in the same part of Atlanta and I had to get them into a band together for both logistical and talent reasons. I knew if we combined Corbin's heavy riffs with Stephen's unique melodic power vocals that the end results would be amazing. I was not disappointed. The name of the Cd is "Sense Your Darkness" and will be on Majestic Records in Japan and Europe. A fall release date is currently planned for Japan.

CHASTAIN Cd "In An Outrage" is available on Leviathan Records in the states, Toshiba-EMI in Japan, Massacre in Europe, Rock Brigade in South America, Evolution Music in Korea, and new label Speed Picking Records in Mexico. Joining vocalist Kate French and guitarist David T. are original Vicious Rumors members drummer Larry Howe and bassist Dave Starr. Great reviews in Guitar World, Metal Maniacs, Brave Words and many others. Reviewers seem to like the bands traditional metal approach on the new Cd. The band also has a new Video, which was shot out in the Oakland area. The video is for the track "Bullet From A Gun." If you have a fast internet connection such as DSL or Cable you can view the video : HERE!
The band's most photo shoot in San Francisco is now available for viewing. To check out a few of the photos go to: In An Outrage Pixs!

Southern Gentlemen "Third Time is the Charm"
"Third Time Is The Charm" is from the heavy blues rock metal band SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN. This release features two new band members in vocalist Eric Johns and bassist Dave Swart. Both are former members of the Cincinnati, Ohio based band Simple Aggression. Guitarist and band founder David T. Chastain states: "Eric's voice was what I had been searching for the past few years to take the band to the next level. While I was always a fan of Eric's vocals, until he sent me his demo with another band, I didn't know he could do the heavy blues based rock so well."
Back playing drums on the new Cd is holdover Mike Haid. Mike has appeared on many of David's Cds going all the way back to 1994's "Next Planet Please." Mike's strong foundation and technical abilities always seem to produce killer drum tracks no matter what the musical format. Mike immediately locked with Dave's powerful bass. This new Cd should kick down the doors for the band to break big!

The band's music has been on numerous TV shows and DVDs over the past few years. David states, "I guess the music must really appeal to the music directors as we keep getting royalty checks for shows I never knew we were on including the Adam Sandler/Chris Rock DVD"The Longest Yard!"
Emusic has an Alternate version of "Third Time Is The Charm" that is a more traditional rock sounding Cd.
Check it out and lets us know which version you like best!

Corbin King's intense instrumental Cd Destination is part of the Guitar Masters series that also included the 2003 released Cds MICHAEL HARRIS Hurricane X and JOE STUMP Armed and Ready. CORBIN KING came to worldwide notice with his blistering guitar work on the critically acclaimed VAINGLORY "2050" release. He was proclaimed "One of the most exciting new young guitarists in years." Blending influences from diverse styles such as traditional metal to shred metal to heavy blues rock, Corbin's dominant guitar is truly astounding. A must for guitar music enthusiasts!

FIREWIND's Cd "Burning Earth" is available on Toshiba/EMI in Japan, Massacre in Europe, Leviathan Records in the US, Rock Brigade in South America, Magnum in Taiwan and others. The Cd was mixed in Sweden by Fredrik Nordstrom, (In Flames, Hammerfall, etc.). The Cd was produced by David T. Chastain and Gus G. Other band members include Stian Kristoffersen on drums and Petros Christo on bass.

DIGINET MUSIC now has available for download Cds no longer available thru normal commercial channels. These include the very rare Cincinnati Improvisational Group Cds!! Also instrumental Cds from John Hahn, Gus G, David T. Chastain, Corbin King and many others!

MICHAEL HARRIS's instrumental cd "Hurricane X" totally rocks! Michael Harris' fifth solo instrumental release, "Hurricane X", showcases Michael's amazing improvisational abilities and on the fly melodic genius. This Cd was originally recorded as part of the acclaimed Diginet Music Guitar Masters series but all parties agreed that this Cd needed to reach a much larger audience and that could only be accomplished by a full fledge commercial release. The guitar series provided each guitarist with the same bass and drum tracks, played by David T. Chastain and Mike Haid respectively, and then each player added his own unique parts over the rhythm tracks.

Also out of the vaults we have the David T. Chastain and Joe Stump Guitar Master Cds available. These 2001 released Cds have never been commercially available as full audio Cds. Check them out at: Featured Artists!

Both David T. Chastain and Corbin King have co-written songs with Joacim Cans, vocalist of Hammerfall, for his solo Cd, CANS "Beyond the Gates." David T. co-wrote the title track and Corbin co-wrote the track "Signs." Pick up this Cd upon as it totally rocks!

VAINGLORY's debut Cd is back in stock. If you haven't already picked up the bands first release check it out at VAINGLORY "2050"

David T Chastain's Kramer Ad!