Ruud Cooty "Aftermath"

Ruud Cooty is
Stephen Fredrik-Vocals
David T. Chastain-Guitar/ backing vocals
Mike Haid-Drums
Steven Taylor-Bass/ backing vocals

Aftermath is heavy version of the same tracks that are on the "Trouble" Cd. Stephen explains, "Trouble" doesn't have a lot of heavy guitars and the mix is more in line with traditional southern rock/blues tastes. "Aftermath" is a much more heavy hard rock Cd. So the difference on the Cds is the guitar tracks and the mix. If you are into heavier music definitely go with "Aftermath" but if you like a more roots sound then go with "Trouble." As far as I know this is the only time something like this has been done!" The music on Ruud Cooty's debut Cd, Aftermath, has been described as "What Van Halen would have sounded like if they had been raised in Atlanta." A unique mixture of hard rock, guitar metal and southern blues rock with impressive and expressive vocals. Ruud Cooty (rhymes with Crude Beauty) is a group fronted by Atlanta vocal legend Stephen Fredrick. Stephen has fronted many successful bands most recently the metal masters Firewind and Kenziner. Of that short stint Stephen's vocals were universally hailed as some of the strongest yet melodic in metaldom and the highlight of the Cds.

Some of Stephen's other past bands include stints working with MCA artists Billy The Kid, Pranks with Brendan O'Brien (Producer of Stone Temple Pilots, Black Crowes and many others), Firewind, Kenziner, Spike! with David T. Chastain as well as years working the southern rock circuit under the name of Ruud Cooty.

Joining Stephen on this release is long time friend, guitarist and producer David T. Chastain. The bassist is Steven Taylor who is a prominent session musician. The drummer is Mike Haid who has worked with David T. as well as Cds with Michael Harris in recent years. This all star line up of seasoned veterans brings experience, fire and integrity to the band.

Stephen says, "During the Spike! days Chastain and I had some really great music that major labels were chasing but somehow our management ended screwing up the deal. We eventually went our own ways but we always kept in touch. I did the Kenziner thing and enjoyed that but this type of stuff is more what I have been playing for the last ten years on a consistent basis. While I love the prog metal stuff this material allows me to get down and dirty as I more naturally feel showcases my true talents."

David T.'s metal twinged guitar is heavy yet blues yet flashy yet subtle. David states, "I think the guitar playing on this Cd is a style that I have been looking to perfect since the day I first picked up the guitar. Just some heavy kick ass rock guitar!"

In discussing his feelings on Stephen David adds, "Working with Stephen through the years has made me appreciate his great talent in a world of few really expressive male vocalists. His voice is unique and has tons of powerful emotive qualities that just doesn't show up in most of the homogenized stuff you hear today."

David adds, "When I originally wrote the music to "Crying Through Another Heartbreak" I envisioned just a straight ahead blues rock track but Stephen came in with this masterpiece that turned it into a southern Led Zeppelin track. I really think that track could become a hard rock classic."

Having Stephen's alter ego Ruud Cooty join up with David and the boys for this Cd is a fortunate happenstance that has resulted in a piece of music that should stand the test of time as one of the true great hard rock/metal releases. As long time Atlanta rock fans have known for years, Stephen is truly the absolute best there is at this type of music. The material on the Ruud Cooty Cd sounds like it could be on any radio station from rock to metal and all in between. An amazing debut!

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Ruud Cooty "Trouble" Cd

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