Sick Society

The new line up includes Kate French on lead and backing vocals, electric rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards. Dennis Lesh (formerly of Trouble and Stygian) played drums and keyboards. David T. Chastain contributed lead, bass, rhythm, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, keyboards and backing vocals. David describes the new band this way, "All I can say is that if you were into the old Chastain material you will love this release and if you didn't like the old Chastain you might still like this new material as it takes some of the old and borrows from the 1990's sounds to create a seriously heavy contemporary cd!"

David is very enthusiastic about new vocalist Kate French. "She really is a pleasure to work with." David further adds, "Kate has a lot of really different influences, one of them being Leather (Chastain's first vocalist), and she really is into a lot of today's music. She has a lot of emotion in her voice and a great blues approach to the material that lends itself to that. Plus the fact that she can play a lot of different instruments really helps. I think she will blow people away when they hear her. She can sound so intense like she just stepped out of hell and the next minute sound like a quiet Geoff Tate. Plus add the fact that she is extremely good looking and I think we have added the perfect vocalist."

While certain musicians, critics and fans seem reluctant to open their arms and ears to female singers David doesn't see why, "Personally female singers have always moved me much more than male singers. The only singers who have sent chills up my spine have been females. I could never understand why the fans (especially males) would rather see some male "hairy ape" singing off pitch than a female singer who blows the guy away."

"Dennis is real solid traditional drummer and really supplies a very strong foundation for the tracks. He played some great things on the Trouble and Stygian cds in the past and he will just add to his reputation on this one."

As far as the title and the inspiration of the release, David states, "Sitting back over the last few years I have witnessed the slow crumbling of our society on many fronts. The senseless violence and lack of respect for life has grown to an all time low. It is hard to comprehend that as we approach 21st century there are still numerous wars and that the so called intelligent human species still kills one another with great frequency and lack of remorse." He further adds, "What do you expect when you can probably see one million people killed on more normal TV in your lifetime and not even see one female breast!" (Normal broadcast channels)

Of course another hot topic to find it's way on this release is religion, "Every major conflict in this world is centered around religion, Bosnia, the Middle East, Northern Ireland, the Russian republics, etc. I guess they must think it is OK to kill in the name of one's god."

David goes on, "Kate likes to write more about personal situations concerning life and her experiences. She brings a lot of added emotion to the material that really can touch a spot inside you."

As far as his own playing goes David states; "I guess that will be for others to judge but I tried to keep most of the solos quick and to the point and concentrate on the heavy groove being laid down. A couple of tracks have no leads whatsoever. This is definitely my most rock guitar oriented release. I used a raw, unaffected, straight to the amp, Marshall sound. This material will be a blast to play in concert!"

The cd comes in at well over an hour and has 12 tracks. David and Kate penned 8 of them together; "Violence in Blame", "Those were the Daze", "The Vampire", "Every Emotion", "Angel Falls", "Destructive Ground", "Sugercaine" and "Love and Hate". David wrote solo on "I Know the Darkness", "Sick Society", "To the Edge" and "The Price of War".

David's final words; "I can't wait for the response on this cd and especially people's reaction to Kate. Let's face it, there hasn't been a great female voice in hard and heavy music in the 1990s and Kate can reach the top of her field in short order. This release has tremendous potential to do great things. The early response has been phenomenal!"

What the critics are saying about the new CHASTAIN "SICK SOCIETY"

"Combining furious riffs and solos with serious lyric themes about the decline of basic human values in the late-20th century, Chastain has crafted some of his heaviest and most challenging material to date." GUITAR SHOP

"KATE may surprise you with her guttural delivery and the raw energy that she
brings out is matched by Chastain's laborious riffs." THE HARD REPORT

"Teaming with sultry songstress Kate French for SICK SOCIETY, David delivers
some of his best stuff yet." FMQB

"At times, it's hard to believe this is actually a woman singing, as she
transforms her soaring howls into gruff, menacing snarls." CMJ

"Make no mistake, this is metal, no strings attached, and no holds barred."
"Anyone who tells you that there is no such thing as magic has never heard
what happens when you put a guitar in the hands of David T. Chastain."

"One of the finest releases of the year and one that should not be missed."

"The new recording by CHASTAIN is filled with emotionally-charged vocals,
heavy, solid guitar riffs and scorching solos." SHOWCASE CHICAGO

"DAVID T. CHASTAIN still remains one of the ultimate guitar gods." RAGE

"Kate's without a doubt a real talent, and she's beautiful!" ROCK BRIGADE

"SICK SOCIETY is a disc that will remain on my listening list for years to
come." IT'S HEAVY

"MUSCULAR VOCALS COMBINE WITH DAVID T.'s fluid, emotive guitar on 12 tracks
of blistering sound." POWER SURGE

"KATE FRENCH looks like a lascivious angel." JERSEY BEAT

"This album is going to be sheer delight for you riff-worshippers who like it
mean and evil sounding." US ROCKER

"Hard and heavy, CHASTAIN's songwriting breathes new life into an art form
that has been on the wane since the glam years of the 1980's." THE NORTHERNER

"If you like it heavy, you'll like this CD." THE INFERNO MUSIC NEWS

"Kate French has a gritty, raspy voice and can certainly belt'em out." METAL

"No one has ever doubted David Chastain's ability as a guitar player. His
prolific recordings have garnered praise over the years from every guitar and
hard rock publication known to man." THE SCENE

CHASTAIN "Blessed are the Sick." METAL HAMMER

"Lead singer Kate French looks like a Playboy pin-up and sings like a metal

'CHASTAIN has shifted its focus in the direction of monster riffing, slogcore
rhythms and sociopolitical themes." GUITAR

"SICK SOCIETY returns David T. to his metal roots, but with a new sound and
an updated approach." SUBCULTURE

"SICK SOCIETY is a crushingly heavy record that sounds very fresh and very