VAINGLORY Interview 4/25/2001

Rock Underground/Rock Universe VAINGLORY interview with Corbin King

First we'd like to say THANK YOU A LOT for your attention. And these are the questions from our Brazilian web magazine:

1- Tell us how Vainglory was formed and how you released the first album.

Vainglory was formed after I had began work as a Leviathan Records' Recording Artist. I first met David Chastain at a Savatage concert here in Atlanta a few years ago. At this time I was in the very beginning stages of my musical career. I kept in touch with him as I and my musical style developed into what its become now. Over this time I wrote all the music that is on '2050'. As things began to really come together David decided for us to go ahead and come up with a band and make this project a reality. As the final touches were being added to the music on my end, David started sending demos of the material to various people we could audition for members of Vainglory. This was a long process. I was very fortunate that I found Brian Harris and Kevin Kekes from the first audition. Brian had already done a Zanister and Kenziner recording at that time, so I think David knew he would be a great choice as the drummer. Kevin had also done some work with David on one of the Chastain albums, so again, he was a likely choice as the bassist. The long and tiring part was finding a singer. We must have gone through 5 guys before we found Ted. As far as how we released this first album, Leviathan Records has done all the work behind getting distribution deals and such. We hope to see '2050' in all territories and stores world wide! Let's hope this becomes a reality!!

2- "2050" has a concept theme. How did it come to your mind?

During our labored search for a vocalist, time was ticking away. David decided that when we found a singer he was just going to have to come in and be able to knock it out really quick. Not long after this David sent me a story which became the concept for this cd. I thought it was great. It was a very interesting storyline and David had already written most of the lyrics! You can just check out his work from any of the 20+ cds he has written lyrics for, including the entire Kenziner release 'Timescape'. So, David handling the lyrics was no problem. It was a great help to me, especially considering the time factor on us locating a singer.

3- The sleeve from Zanister's "Fear No Man" was designed to "2050". We heard about a problem with european labels, what was the matter? Had you agreed or had you tried to kill the Zanister's guys? (hehehehe)

No, we aren't going to kill the Zanister guys! We had come up with several choices for the cover art to '2050', one of which Zanister used for the cover to 'Fear No Man'. This was not a problem. There was no use for the art to go to waste. One of the European labels that originally was going to release the cd had a cover painted by one of their artists, instead of the choices we had come up with. Time went on and on and we were promised the advance was coming and all these other things, but it never came. They wanted us to pay the artist for his work and they were gonna put the cd out. Still though, we had not received their end of the deal. Eventually after we were persistant with them, they decided they could not release the cd. So, it was a big round and round with the company which really threw us back on the release date. We have since used different artwork for the cd cover and everything is coming together very well now with the release!

4- Vainglory is now at David Chastain's label, there are songs at Vainglory and Zanister CDs' which have the same theme (income distribution). Don't you think people may confuse one band with the other?

Not at all. Although the concept behind '2050' deals with an elite group that own and control everything and everybody, the theme differs enough from the song you are speaking of from the Zanister cd that there shouldn't be any confusion.

5- Have you heard the album "Collision Course" of a german band called Paradox? Ted's voice is similar to Charly Steinhauer's lead vocal, and so the music. Do you agree?

Unfortunately, I must say I've never heard that band. I would say it's definitely worth checking out if you hear some similarities. Until I am able to listen to that singer and the band's music I can't really answer this question to the best of my ability.

6- "2050" is one of the best new albums of thrash metal. We really enjoyed. The thrash metal style was ended, but in 1999 appeared again, with new and old bands like: Paradox, Hades, Artllery, Warhead, Eidolon, Nevermore, The Haunted, Overkill, Testament, Sacred Reich and Pantera. Did you hear any of those bands albums'? Are you influenced by any of these bands?

I thank you very much for your compliment! I am glad you enjoyed it so. I was a big Testament fan. I also liked bands such as Helstar and the 'Twist Into Form' album that Forbidden did. Early Megadeth and Metallica were also big influences on me.I think there are some similarities in Vainglory's sound from those guys, but I also think we have a sound of our own creation. Vainglory's music to me is a natural progression and continuation of metal's direction. Everyone is influenced by somebody, but you have to learn from others and create your own style and approach. I don't currently listen to that much music, which is something I try to keep to a minimum especially when I'm writing. You'd probably be surprised at just how many bands I've actually never heard!! I go through spells of buying and listening and then not. There are a lot of good bands out there nowadays that I need to check out. Metal music is at an exciting time I think. There hasn't been this much good stuff going on in metal for a long time.

7- You're politically aware, what do you think about the mess they have done in the last election to president? Would you mind to reveal who you chose (Bush or Gore) ?

Although I probably followed this election more than the past ones, I generally don't get too involved with the electoral process. I think this country was bought and sold a long time ago, and the shit they throw around at us every four years doesn't really mean anything. I've gotten to where I don't blame the politicians anymore. You've got to look at where these people are coming from. They are coming from our families, our churches, our schools, our money, and they are elected by the people in this country. Apparently they are all we've got to offer. They are what our system has produced. So, it makes you think that something else might not quite be right with the system. Maybe the people are why we never get any good politicians, maybe it's because they're aren't any good people? Certainly if there were, then by now we would have had someone come to rescue us as an honorable and excellent choice for government office, but we haven't. I don't think it will ever happen. This kind of goes in conjuntion with the whole money issue. The richest man wins. That's the way it has always been, and that's the way it will stay. I'm pretty confident that if I had as much money as the top 1% of this country, I could be president too.

8- How the americans received the bad news about Joey Ramone's death and Chuck Billy's cancer (Testament)?

I think it sucks that Chuck got cancer. I hear that he's doing ok. I sure hope he comes out alright. He has one of my favorite metal voices, especially on 'Practice What You Preach'. Cancer is a horrible disease, I hope one day we can rid ourselves of the worry of ever getting it again. As far as Joey goes, I'm not too intune with the punk/ hardcore type scene. I'm sure they are reacting badly to the news. However, not to sound insensitive or anything, it had no real impact on me since I'm not really familiar with that realm of music.

9- How are being the audience and media reacted to "2050" album?

So far all I've gotten are positive remarks and reviews. Personally, everyone I've talked to about the cd has really enjoyed it. I have been doing interviews for lots of magazines and webzines, so it seems to me that people are really catching on to the band. I must say it is a great honor to have someone like something that you have created. It's an incredible feeling, and I must thank you all for listening and being so into the band!!

10- Please leave a message to brazilian fans and Rock Universe readers.

Thank you all for the attention you've given me and to Vainglory! I hope I can continue to write the best metal music I can for you! Hope to see you all backstage one day soon!!!

Well, that's the end. We wish you luck and success with Vainglory. We would like to say THANK YOU A LOT!

Thank you!!

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