VAINGLORY Interview 1/22/02

Interview by Flash Magazine-Italy

When did Vainglory start off? Can you please tell us about the band's history and what you did before Vainglory?

Corbin King: Vainglory started about a year and a half ago as a full band. I had written a lot of the music even before that. So, I guess it has been an on going process over the past couple of years in one way or another. Leviathan Records put me in touch with the guys that became members of the band. I had searched endlessly for members here locally but came up with nothing. Before Vainglory, I had a couple local bands, but mainly just practiced guitar and started getting into recording and engineering.

What does the name Vainglory stand for?

Corbin King: The actual definition is something like: excessive pride in one's achievements. I don't really look to that as what it means to me. There are no ego heads in this band. To me Vainglory is a very strong and powerful word, that fits the music in my eyes. I feel that the music and the band name go together very well. It was more of the fact that I though it was a cool name than what the real definition was.

How did you get in contact with D.T. Chastain and did you find working with him?

Corbin King: I met David at a Savatage show here in Atlanta about 5 or so years ago. It was when I was in my early stages of really writing finished material. We talked briefly and he gave me his business card, We've stayed in touch ever since. He's been a big help to me and my music. Working with him is great. He's a real interesting guy and a hell of a musician.

What stands behind 2050, the title of your album? It is a concept disc, can you explain its meaning to our readers?

Corbin King: Yes, it is a conceptual cd. 2050 stands for the year it takes place. Briefly speaking, it's about the upper 1% with all the money and power controlling everyone else by any means needed to keep them in power and keep control of the world. Everyone from birth is kept content with their lifestyle by a drug in all liquids that you drink. Somewhat like a Valium that keeps them from questioning anything. They work their whole life only to keep the $$ in the hands of the 1%. This process is kept streamlined by Directive 65. Once people reach the age of 65 they are promised to be able to go live in paradise resort in rewards for all their life's hard work. This is all a lie. They are actually taken to their executions. However there is hope, as a resistance movement begins in hopes to spread the truth about what is at hand. The whole fate of the world rests in the hands of one hero joined by a small force of his followers who must fight to the death in order to bring this horrible way of life to an end. Actually, the story is even more involved than that, but this will give you the general idea. For the full storyline be sure to visit

What are you working on at the moment?

Corbin King: Right now I'm working out the material for the second Vainglory cd. A few months ago I did a cd for Diginet Music called Guitar Masters. Available here: Be sure to check it out, several other great players also did it as well, including David T. Chastain and Joe Stump. I also have a couple other ideas I'm working on too. A new band with a bit different approach, and I'm putting together a nice big studio to do all this recording in! 2002 will keep me extremely busy!

Are you planning to tour? If yes, where and when?

Corbin King: I would love to tour. I'm not sure we're at that point as of yet though. Perhaps all will go well after the 2nd Vainglory release and with all the press form the first one we can do something like that. There are a lot of factors involved with touring and it must be done right.

How come your album is available in two different versions?

Corbin King: We originally came up with the art that is being used on the South American versions of the disc. The European label wanted to design their own art work using their art teams. So, it was something that was done by the labels. I have found out that sometimes each territory that releases a cd wants to have their own say so in the art direction. Which is fine, as long as it looks cool!

What is the traditional metal scenario like in the US of our days?

Corbin King: It's still rather underground. Not as much as a few years past, but still not where it should be. When metal shows come through my town there is a good turnout, so I know the audience is out there. Bands like Nevermore and Iced Earth, which are two bands Vainglory is always compared to, do rather well on their tours. Perhaps an alliance with those guys would promote a bigger metal turnout for shows. I think we'd fit just fine along beside those guys.

How would you explain that the current metal scene is mainly focused on european bands?

Corbin King: I think it has to do with they stayed more true to metal and haven't had the trendy bands crammed down their throats like we do here in America. It seems the listening audience is more into what they like as opposed to what is decorating the cover of some junky so called metal or guitar magazine. Music has a much more important role in day to day life in Europe as well. Where as in America, music for a lot of people is simply a social backdrop.

Future plans for Vainglory?

Corbin King: Yes. I plan on recording the 2nd Vainglory disc this spring and hopefully have it out soon to follow. I really want to record it in my new studio as soon as everything is ready to go. On a more artistic note, I just want my music to reach as many people as possible and hopefully share my musical vision with people that enjoy it.

Any message for your Italian fans?

Corbin King: Of course! Thank you so much for your interest in Vainglory and myself. I will deliver to you again the best music I can. Without true Metal fans out there it wouldn't be worth playing at all. Hope to see you soon back stage!!!