Zanister "Fear No Man"


1- Tell us about the second Zanister work. How many tracks , what kind of sound

DTC: The new Cd is a more professional Cd than the band's first Cd Symphonica Millennia. Especially the vocals on this Cd are far superior. The sound is also much improved. Of course you always hope that the songwriting improves on every Cd. The Cd has 11 tracks of metal mayhem.

2- What you plans for 2.001? Zanister will appear in summer festivals like Wacken or Dynamo ?

DTC: Since all of the musicians in Zanister live in different cities I doubt there will be any tour dates. We all play in other bands and it is very difficult to get together for tour dates.

3- How you find the guys of band ? You know everybody (old projects like David T Chastain) or the muscicians find you?

DTC:I knew everyone except the bassist James Martin from previous Cds I was involved. The vocalist Brian Sarvela was in a band called Joe Stump's Reign of Terror that Leviathan Records handled. Michael Harris and I go back a long time. We did a Cd together back in the earlier 90s called Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!. Drummer Brian Harris, who is Michael Harris' brother, recorded drums on the last Kenziner Cd that I produced. James plays bass in Michael's solo band.

4- Tell us about the Zanister set list for shows (any cover or special surprise?)

DTC: As I mentioned no live dates are planned at this moment.

5- About your other projects like CJSS and CHASTAIN , any news ? I hear about new CJSS album (is the old classic line-up??)..Any chance for a live album of CHASTAIN (I think is very nice for old fans like me)

DTC:CJSS had a new Cd called Kings of the World that came out in 2000. Chastain with Kate French on vocals is currently working on a new Cd to be recorded later this year. I also have a new company called Diginet Music that will be releasing out of print Cds and rare recordings. The site is located at I have released 10 Cds on that site this year. There will probably be 3 or 4 old CJSS Cds put up over this year. That band had a lot of old recordings laying around that we want to get out. Check out the site there is a lot of cool stuff.

6- Any chance to re-issue old CHASTAIN albums (Ruler of Wasteland or 7th ..) ?

Diginet will probably rerelease The 7th of Never and For Those Who Dare later in the year.

7- What kind of music you hear in this days? Any new band you like much to recommend to our readers ?

I am mainly interested in the bands that I produce or play in. Vainglory is a great new band that I produced that should be released in Brasil in the very near future on Rock Brigade Records. Corbin King is a great guitarist and plays a lot of cool stuff on the Cd.

8- What is your opinion of these players:

Jimi Hendrix-Great player and songwriter. However needed a Floyd Rose to keep his guitar in tune in concert.
B.B. King-I am not a big fan of his playing but he is a great blues singer
Steve Ray Vaughan-Great blues rock guitarist
Uli Roth-Really the first great neoclassical guitarist. Really enjoyable to listen to except when he sings
Michael Schenker-good melodic style
Yngwie Malmsteen-at times is incredible but he doesn't write very good songs
Ritchie Blackmore-I liked him during his Rainbow era with Dio
Tommy Iommi-writes great metal riffs
Angus Young-writes great hard rock riffs