Zanister "Fear No Man"

by Renegade Magazine 4/21/01


1 - Tell us about the new album "Fear no Man".

David T. Chastain: Fear No Man is Zanister's second Cd. Zanister's first Cd was Symphonica Millennia and was released in 99. I feel Fear No Man is a natural and positive improvement on Symphonica Millennia. The vocalist Brian Sarvela sounds a lot stronger on the new Cd. Plus I believe every area there is an improvement on the new Cd. The bottom line was I wanted a two guitar band that played metal with integrity.

2 - Which are the influences to Zanister?

David T. Chastain: I wanted to create a more traditional metal sounding band in Zanister. I guess similar to the "good old days" of the mid 80s or so when Maiden, Dio, Chastain & Priest were all putting out great stuff. To me that era is what real metal is all about.

3 - When Symphonica Millennia was out it received awesome reviews of magazines in metal scene. Was you impressed by such response?

David T. Chastain: Some people thought Symphonica Millennia was the best metal album ever released! While I prefer positive comments I am my most important critic. Plus of course the fans. When a reviewer reviews your Cd there are so many variables that have nothing to do with the worth of the Cd. They could have just broken up with their girl friend or had a fight with their parents or any other sort of thing that could color their views. Sometimes there are 10 writers at a magazine and it depends on which reviewer does the reviews. So any in other words we want praise but a bad review doesn't kill us either. The bottom line is whether the fans like it.

4 - By the way, do you consider nowadays Zanister as your main musical project? How do you share your time between the bands?

David T. Chastain: That is like asking a father who is his favorite child. I love all of my bands and depending on the day of the week my answer might change. However right now I am most excited about Zanister, Southern Gentlemen and my new instrumental Cd called 'Rock Solid Guitar.'

5 - Nowadays, how is it going the work in Leviathan? Which are the next releases?

David T. Chastain: Here is the latest press release from Leviathan Records: This is to keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings at Leviathan Records. If you wish not to receive future news releases just let us know.

ZANISTER and their newest release 'Fear No Man' has been receiving rave reviews from around the world. The twin guitar attack of Michael Harris and David T. Chastain is one of the most formidable in metal. For the latest press raves about this band checkout For those of you in the press the band is still doing promotional interviews. If you would like to arrange one please let us know as soon as possible.

THE REIGN OF TERROR, featuring guitar wiz Joe Stump and vocalist supreme Michael Vescera, have just had their new release 'Sacred Ground' released on Limb Music in Europe. It will hit the US stores on April 24th. This metal masterpiece features everything you would want in a power metal band. The group also features Event drummer Matt Scurfield and bassist Jay Rigney. For further info go to Once again for those of you in the press the band is available for interviews. Please contact TC at Limb Music to arrange press. His e mail is The band will be touring the Midwest, South and East Coast in June.

DAVID T. CHASTAIN has just put the finishing touches on his first studio rock instrumental in 10 years. The Cd is called 'Rock Solid Guitar' and is a rip roaring affair that is not your typical shred instrumental Cd. David states "The Cd is closer to a heavy revved up SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN than neoclassical burn. It is much more improvisation than worked out arpeggios and other technical flair. This really is my personal favorite type of music. I am very happy with this release." Kramer Guitars is running a series of ads to help in the promotion of this amazing Cd. The first full color page ad is in the current issue of Guitar Player Magazine (June issue). More are scheduled in the future. To catch a glimpse of the ad go to There are also rumors of a summer tour to coincide with the release but nothing official has been confirmed. Stay tuned.

VAINGLORY's monumental debut Cd '2050' has just been released in South America and will be released in Europe in May. Guitarist Corbin King, vocalist Ted Brasier, drummer Brian Harris and bassist Kevin Kekes have recorded a devastating piece of music. This concept album deals with what we can expect the world to look like in 2050 if we continue in the direction we are now heading. Corbin's mean rhythms and over the top leads sounds like a mixture of Mustaine & Malmsteen. Highly recommended. For further info go to

There are rumors floating around on the internet about a new CHASTAIN band Cd so we are now here to set the record straight. David T. has completed the recording of all the guitars. Kate is working hard on the vocal tracks. Kate's husband drummer Larry Howe, formerly of Vicious Rumors, is currently rehearsing the tracks in San Francisco with bassist Dave Starr, also formerly of VR. No official release date has been scheduled for this Cd. Says David, "The music is really happening on numerous fronts. Kramer sent me one of their new Barettas guitars and the music just flowed out of it like a river. What is really weird is that the solos sound like they have been lifted out of the 'Instrumental Variations' era. It is strange that it happened that way but it is really cool stuff." We hope for the project to be completed within a few months with a release in late 2001.

SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN is still receiving rave reviews from 'Exotic Dancer Blues.' States David T. "As unusual as it may seem EDB has been the best reviewed Cd of my career! I guess it is such a departure that it freaks people out at first but then they hear where we are coming from and get into it. The music brings back a lot of good memories for all concerned. I talk with people in and out of the press all the time who just go on and on about how much they like the Cd. I guess I should have released this Cd 10 years ago!" David, along with drummer Dennis Lesh and bassist Kevin Kekes, should be hitting the road sometime this summer for selected dates and entering the studio late in 2001 for a 2002 release. Tentative title for the new Cd is 'Ladies of the Night' and will once again feature a scantily clad beauty on the cover in the Gents tradition! As always your can check out the latest at

Vocalist Stephen Fredrick, known primarily for his work on the Kenziner Cds, is in preproduction with guitar prodigy Gus G for a new melodic power metal recording to take place over the summer. The music can best be described as great vocals, great guitars and great compositions. Early demos show this will be one of the best debut releases of the year!

For other news of interest you can always visit Leviathan Records news page at:

6 - Which are the labels working in partnership with Leviathan?

David T. Chastain: Leviathan Records works with labels all around the world. In Brazil we have been working pretty much exclusively with Rock Brigade and Laser Distribution. We are very happy with our partnership with those companies.

7 - Which are the counties where Zanister gets better response?

David T. Chastain: Europe has been Zanister's best market on Symphonica Millennia. The new Cd is getting good response everywhere so it is a little too early to pick out a territory where Zanister is supreme.

8 - Recently Leather gave an interview saying some bad things about her times when she played in Chastain, saying that nowadays she has no money, and didn't get support from the rest of the band. What do you like to say about Leather and these things she said?

David T. Chastain: I really don't know which interview you are referring. My experiences with Leather were all positive as far as I can remember. She was a great singer for sure. I think she was always disappointed that she wasn't on the cover of all the metal magazines and stuff like that. I wish she would get back out in the music world as she has a great talent going to waste.

9 - What are your favorite bands of current scene?

David T. Chastain: Vainglory, The Reign of Terror, Halford, and the new Maiden.

10 - Which are your touring plans for Zanister?

David T. Chastain: We hope to do some US dates in the Northeastern United states but that is dependent on numerous factors at this point. All the musicians have other projects and a couple of the guys have really good jobs that they can't abandon.

11 - Your first album was released in Brazil. Do you plan the same for "Fear no Man"?

David T. Chastain: Yes Fear No Man has already been released on Rock Brigade Records.

12 - Which are your favorite tracks in the new album?

David T. Chastain: Probably 'Egyptian Nights' and 'Generation Breakdown.' However I like all of the tracks on the Cd. Those 2 just jump out at me for different reasons. Egyptian has that cool mystical Chastain vibe while Generation just kicks ass!

13 - Which are the main thematic lines of "Fear no Man"?

David T. Chastain: There are 3 writers on this Cd each with their own story to tell. I seem to be a little more political than the rest. The topics are serious.

14 - Nowadays, how the composition process is worked in Zanister?

David T. Chastain: I actually wanted Michael to write a bunch of stuff for this Cd but he was too busy with his solo stuff so I went ahead and did it all. I am not one to wait around if I can help it. Brian, the vocalist, wrote the lyrics to a couple of songs and Ted Brasier, vocalist of Vainglory another band I just produced, wrote the lyrics to 3 others.

15 - Tell us about the things nowadays with CJSS.

David T. Chastain: CJSS is on hold at present as we had some serious problems with our label Pavement Music, Maybe things can be sorted out in the future and there will be another CJSS Cd but now it probably won't happen. I have another company called Diginet Music where we have released 2 old CJSS Cds that were in the preproduction stage. The Cds are called 'Embryonic Animation' and 'Sands of Time.' Some cool unreleased material is at the site. Definitely check it out. You can listen and/or buy Cds of the material.

16 - Any future plans? Tell us more.

David T. Chastain: I am always very business with a 1000 different things. Believe it or not through Leviathan Records and Diginet Music I will probably release 20 Cds this year. Most are stuff that is rare tracks but still it takes a lot of work to get it all together. Plus maybe a US tour this summer playing music from all of my bands. Also see the #5

17 - Would you like to add your parting words? This is your space.

David T. Chastain: Spread the word about true metal, check out and And please tell your concert promoters to bring us down!