Zanister "Fear No Man"

by Mariano Muniesa for Rock Hard Magazine 5/11/01

1. How is this new album, in comparison with previous staff? what musical elements are new?

Brian Harris: I'd say the album has more of a "band input" this time and the vocals are definitely the biggest improvement because Sarvela was able to contribute his vocal melodies/lyrics this time around. As far as any musical elements being new, I wouldn't say there is much just great musicians doing what we do best playing good old heavy metal! We didn't make any drastic change from the first album to this new one....

David T. Chastain-I would also add that sonically speaking this Cd sounds much better. We were able to spend more time and money on the production.'

2. I like very much "Hell On Earth" and "Egyptian Nights". Probably are my favorites of the CD. Can you explain us how did you write the songs, what are you saying in lyrics, how did you get the basic idea, the inspiration to compose these songs?

David T. Chastain- Egyptian Nights is also my favorite track on the Cd. I am always drawn to the slower mid paced tracks that are very heavy and mystical. The track was written around a scale that sounds very mid-eastern so the lyrical context of the Egyptian queen worked well within the musical sound. Hell on Earth is actually an older song of mine that use to be called "House of Blood" that Brian Sarvela wrote totally new lyrics. Of the 2 I prefer Egyptian Nights for the reasons stated above.

3. It's difficult to work with a Heavy Metal band in America when your label, Shark, is working currently in Germany?

David T. Chastain-Shark only handles Europe as in the US were are on Leviathan Records and that is the label that we are really signed. We just licensed the product to Shark and they are suppose to promote the music for that territory.

4. How is the situation of true Heavy Metal in USA now? Is really growing up or the scene is still dominated for the "New Metal" bands like Deftones or Slipknot?

Michael Harris: Yes, it is pretty much dominated by the new metal bands. As usual, touring is important, but airplay is the name of the game, so the ones that have it are going to have the most exposure. Pantera has been able to maintain a great fanbase though, so some of the older metal bands are holding their ground, but for the most part, in my eyes, the "metal scene" in America is extremely lacking in bands that write real songs. Not to mention most of the bands don't even know what a key change is and the "vocalists" are doing nothing that resembles singing. However, I will mention "Incubus" as a new band that shows a lot of promise.

Brian Harris: There seems to be a "comeback" of true heavy metal bands out there, either old bands that have gotten back together or just new bands doing what they grew up on, I'm not downing some of the newer "metal" bands, but they definitely are a different kind of metal, not your traditional metal. There is a huge and noticeable difference and it's not for everyone, but I dig it all, I'm very open minded and listen to everything from jazz to prog-metal to death metal. And speaking of Slipknot their drummer, Joey kicks major ass behind the kit.

David T. Chastain- Unfortunately the USA produces the most obnoxious noises in the world.

5. The most famous American band of true heavy metal in Spain now is Iced Earth. What do you think about this band? Do you like it?

Brian Harris: They are a great band.....very talented. And have great artwork on their covers too!

David T. Chastain- I am not really that familiar with the band. Of course I have heard their name for years and Leviathan Records actually has sold some of their product through its mail order company but I don't recall the music but I am glad they are doing well! Any metal band that succeeds is a good story for all.

6. What new European bands of true heavy metal are your favorites?

Michael Harris: I thought Johansson "The Last Viking" was an exceptional release. And I like Rhapsody as well.

David T. Chastain: Hammerfall and Vanden Plas come to mind but there are many more. There are just so many great European based metal acts.

Brian Harris: Man I could list bands a mile long because there is a lot of great bands overseas. I like Stratovarius, Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, etc, as far as power metal style goes. But I like a lot of European death metal bands too such as Sodom, Vader, Kreator, Grave, Meshuggah, etc I could go on and on really!

7. What are your plains for tours and live shows? Will play in Europe this summer, in any summer festival?

David T. Chastain- At this time we are unable to tour due to our other musical and business interests here in the states. We would love to play dates throughout Europe but it is just not feasible at the moment. Maybe at some point in the future it will work out for all concerned.

8. Anything more to add for Spanish fans?

Brian: Thanks to all our fans out there that have supported us stay true and keep the "heavy metal flag" flying!!!

David T. Chastain- Keep spreading the word on Zanister and other true metal bands. Thanks for all of the e mails!!