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1. Tell me a little history about your carrer ?

DTC: My first Cd was a Chastain Cd called Mystery of Illusion that came out in 1985. Since that point I have released nearly 30 Cds with different bands that I am involved with.

2. In your opinion what's the most important to a beginner guitarrist ?

I think you should make a point to try to be original and not copy other players exactly. Also learn as much as you can about music theory and of course practice, practice and more practice.

3. When you start to play guitar ?

I started in high school and have been playing seriously since that time. While there was always a guitar around the house I didn't start really playing until high school which is about 15 years of age.

4. Nowdays you continues make exercises ? Spend hours and hours with scales ?

I really have never just practiced scales. I more or less just jam with myself to come up with new musical ideas. Of course I know all of my scales very well it is just not something that I have ever done exclusively. I never have sat down to say practice the A minor scale in the first position. Although I think it is a good idea to do so, excessive scale practicing leads to very sterile guitar playing. I use to have a very extensive list of exercises that I would practice if I felt my playing was in a rut. However I seldom use the list at this point.

5. Tell me the news about CJSS, Chastain, Zanister and Southern Gentlemen ?

CJSS has just released a new Cd called "Kings of the World." Chastain is currently on hold and hopefully we will have a new Cd in 2001. Zanister has just completed recording our new Cd called FEAR NO MAN which should be out in Brazil in the very near future. Of course earlier this year I released the very successful SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Exotic Dancer Blues" Cd. Hopefully SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN will have a new Cd in 2001.

6. How was playing with other guitarrist ( Michaekl Harris ) in Zanisther ?

Michael and myself have been playing together since 1991 on and off and we get along great. We have no ego problems between us. I can only speak for myself but I have great respect for Michael both as a person and musician.

7. A few months ago Leather's album was released. What you think about it ?

I was instrumental in getting that title released. We remastered and repackaged the Cd. When it was originally released I felt that the Cd was overlooked. I have always felt the Cd was a great title. Leather is a fabulous singer.

8. Have you ever thought record a instrumental album ?

Actually I have released numerous instrumental albums. You can go to the Leviathan Records website at http://www.leviathanrecords.com and check out most of my releases. My last instrumental Cd in 1998 was called Acoustic Visions and that release was a solo acoustic guitar Cd that was actually still pretty heavy.

9. Which are you plans to shows ? Have you ever thought about a tour thru Brazil ?

I would love to tour Brazil in the future. I know that Brazil rocks.

10. What you can tell us about Leviathan Records ? Wich are next releases ?

The new Zanister "Fear No Man" is the next release you will see in Brazil. Also we have licensed another one of our bands in Brazil called VAINGLORY who are a great new band. You can check out their sound at http://www.mp3.com/vainglory We also have another great band called The Reign of Terror which features Joe Stump and Mike Vescera.

11. What you think about Internet and MP3 ?

I think the internet is the best thing in history. Mp3s are great as long as the artist is compensated. If the artist wishes to make his mp3s free that is his decision but not the napsters.

12. Leave a message to your brazilian's fans ?

Check out the new Zanister when it comes out in the near future. It is a great metal Cd. See ya soon I hope.

Thanks my friend,
Julio Cesar - rockconnection@rockconnection.com.br www.rockconnection.com.br

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