2017-CHASTAIN "The 7th of Never: 30 Years Heavy!"
2017-SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Exotic Dancer Blues: Sweet 17"
2017-CHASTAIN "We Bleed Metal 17"
2017-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Elegant Seduction" Vinyl Re-issue
2017-SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Angel on a String"
2017-CHASTAIN "Chastainium"
2017-SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Aces & Eights"
2015-CHASTAIN "We Bleed Metal"
2014-CHASTAIN "Surrender To No One: Uncut"
2014- (As producer and songwriter) ERIC WILLIAM JOHNS "Smoke in the Sky"
2013-CHASTAIN "Surrender To No One"
2013-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "That Was Then Again"
2013-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Next Planet Please....Revisited"
2013-VARIOUS ARTISTS "Guitarmageddon 13"
2013-GEORGIA BLUES DAWGS "Basically Blue"
2012- DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Progressive Metal Axiom"
2012- DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Fusion Delusion"
2012- DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Neoclassical Compositions No. 1"
2012- CJSS "The 7 Hills Demo"
2012-CHASTAIN "Wicked Riffs 8790"
2012- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "My Favorite Disaster: The Heavy One"
2012- (As producer and songwriter) KENZINER "The Absolute Best Of"
2011- "25 Years of Guitar Instrumental Madness"
2011- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "The Early Years"
2011- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Playing For Pennies"
2011- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "My Favorite Disaster"
2011- DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Civilized Warfare"
2011- GEORGIA BLUES DAWGS "Blues Rock City Jam"
2010- CINCINNATI IMPROVISATIONAL GROUP "Freeform Free For All" (reissue)
2010-(As the bassist)Gus G "Guitar Master 2010 Remaster"
2010- CHASTAIN "The Reign of Leather"
2009- (As songwriter) FIREWIND from the DVD/Cd "Live Premontion."
2009- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Instrumentalized"
2009- DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Heavy Excursions"
2008- CHASTAIN "Ruler of the Wasteland" re-issue
2008- CHASTAIN "Mystery of Illusion" re-issue
2008- (As songwriter) HAMMERFALL "Angel of Mercy" from the Cd "Masterpieces."
2008- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Valley of Fire"
2008- (As songwriter) FIREWIND "Life Foreclosed" from the Cd "The Premontion."
2007- DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Countdown to Infinity"
2006- DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Prisoner of Time"
2006- CJSS "2-4-1" re-issue
2006- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Third Time Is The Charm"
2006- (As the bassist)John Hahn "Mind Games"
2005- (As producer and songwriter)KINRICK "Sense Your Darkness"
2005- (As bassist on 2 tracks)JOE STUMP "Shredology"
2005- ADAM SANDLER/CHRIS ROCK "The Longest Yard" DVD
2004- CHASTAIN "In An Outrage"
2004- (As songwriter) JOACIM CANS "Beyond the Gates"
2004- CHASTAIN "The 7th & The Voice" Remastered and repackaged in 2004
2004- (As the bassist)CORBIN KING "Destination"
2004- David T. Chastain "Guitar Master" Remastered and repackaged in 2004
2004- (As songwriter) HAMMERFALL "Crimson Thunder" Cd. "Angel of Mercy"
2004- STEVE-O "The Early Years" DVD
2003- (As Co-producer, songwriter and background vocals)FIREWIND "Burning Earth"
2003- (As the bassist)JOE STUMP "Armed and Ready"
2003- SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Double Your Pleasure "
2003- (As the bassist)Michael Harris 'Hurricane X'
2003-David T. Chastain 'Instrumental Variations' Remastered and repackaged in 2003!
2002-DiCarlo's "For Your Eyes Only" (DVD) Two tracks.
2002-(As the bassist)Joe Stump "Guitar Master 2002"
2002-Georgia Blues Dawgs 'Racing Back'
2002-Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Paragon' (Best of Collection)
2002-David T. Chastain "Guitar Master 2002"
2002-Ruud Cooty "Aftermath"
2002- (As the Producer)FIREWIND "Between Heaven and Hell"
2002-Cincinnati Improvisational Group '17th Regression'
2001-Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Harmonically Exiled'
2001-Ruud Cooty "Trouble"
2001-(As the bassist)Joe Stump "Guitar Master"
2001-Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Inner Fire'
2001-David T. Chastain "Guitar Master"
2001-(As the bassist)Corbin King "Guitar Master"
2001-(As the bassist)Gus G "Guitar Master"
2001-Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'zfunkdabunk'
2001-Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Freeform Free For All' (remastered/repackaged)
2001-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Rock Solid Guitar'
2001-CHASTAIN 'The 7th of Never' (remastered/repackaged)
2001-David T. Chastain 'Within The Heat' (remastered re-release)
2001-ZANISTER 'Fear No Man''
2001-Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Aberration'
2001- (As the Producer)VAINGLORY "2050"
2001-Georgia Blues Dawgs 'Hard Times'
2000-CJSS 'Kings of the World' (Pavement Music)
2000-SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN 'Exotic Dancer Blues'
1999- (As the Producer)KENZINER "The Prophecies"
1999-ZANISTER 'Symphonica Millennia'
1999-CJSS '2-4-1'
1998- (As the Producer)KENZINER "Timescape"
1998-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Metal Guitars'(Europe)
1998-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Acoustic Visions'
1997-CHASTAIN 'In Dementia'
1996-Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Freeform Free For All' (Japan)
1995-CHASTAIN 'Sick Society'
1995-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'In Your Face' Massacre Records (1 Track) (Europe)
1995-CHONO MASAHIRO (Japan, 3 tracks. Available on Amazon.com)

1995-CJSS 'Best Of' (Japan)
1994-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Next Planet Please'
1993-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Dangerous Women' Sony Records (1 Track)
1992-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Movements Thru Time'
1992-CHASTAIN HARRIS 'Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!!'
1991-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Elegant Seduction'
1990-CJSS 'Retrospect' (Europe)
1990-CHASTAIN 'For Those Who Dare'
1989-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Within The Heat'
1989- (As the Producer)LEATHER "Shock Waves"
1989-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Heavy Hammer Hits' Roadrunner Records (1 Track) (Europe)
1988-CHASTAIN 'Voice of the Cult'
1987-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Instrumental Variations'
1987-CHASTAIN 'The 7th of Never' (Re released on Massacre Records in 1995)
1986-CJSS 'Praise The Loud'
1986-CHASTAIN 'Ruler of the Wasteland'
1986-CJSS 'World Gone Mad'
1985-CHASTAIN 'Mystery of Illusion'
1983-SPIKE 'The Price of Pleasure'

David T. Chastain's music has also been used on the following networks' shows over the past few years: NBC, ABC Family, Discovery, USA, MTV, VH1, A&E, Biography, National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery, Discovery Health, CMT, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Bravo, HGTV, VSPOT, Disney, SCI-FI and Spike TV. Plus a few foreign networks and a Nike commercial.

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