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For those of you who have been living on the catwalks under the 275 bridge, David T. Chastain is known world wide as a guitar master and it all started right here in the early 80's. There isn't anything this man cannot do with a guitar. His prolific career includes bands like the metal pioneers CJSS and Chastain, as well as many instrumental albums and other projects. He also runs several record labels. He is active in helping local bands such as Vainglory. The fact that he agreed to do an interview with a new, unknown website like us says a lot about David T. Chastain the person. So enjoy the interview.

1. What are you currently up to?

David T.: I currently record and run a couple of independent record companies. (Leviathan and Diginet) Actually 2001 was my busiest year even in regards to album releases. Check out the discography at http://www.leviathanrecords.com/chasdisc.htm

2. Does the future hold another CJSS album and a Chastain album with Kate French?

David T.: We are currently recording a new Chastain cd that hopefully will be out in 2002. The music is really great and features the original bassist and drummer from Vicious Rumors; Dave Starr on bass and Larry Howe, Kate's husband, on drums. In regards to CJSS there may be a show in Cincy at some point but I doubt any new recordings will come from the band. However some of the older stuff was re-released on http://www.diginetmusic.com in 2001

3. Of your work, what are you most proud of?

David T.: That is a hard question. There are some great Chastain and instrumental cds. Actually my SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Exotic Dancer Blues" was my best reviewed Cd in my career.

4. What do you think of the music scene in Cincinnati?

In the old days, late 70's and 80's it was a great place to be a musician. There were tons of clubs and you could make a pretty good living playing music. That is the reason I located there for so many years. CJSS kicked open the door for original material bands to come out of the shadows. Since I moved away in the early 90's I have noticed that the local scene has really gone down hill in regards to a musician being able to make a living off music. However it is not just Cincinnati that is having that problem, all cities are having trouble supporting live music venues.

5. Do you prefer female vocalists to male vocalists?

David T.: I would say female vocals touch me deeper than male. The female voice is much more emotive.

6. Who was the most influential guitarist in your playing style?

David T.: A mixture of Allan Holdsworth, Tony Iommi, Duanne Allman, Tommy Bolin, Randy Rhoads and Uli Roth. Of course I am sure that I have left out many.

7. If Jerry Springer ran for president against Bengals owner Mike Brown, who would you vote for?

David T.: Jerry Springer. At least we would have some fun. When he was mayor he come out to a club we were playing once and he seemed like a cool guy.

8. Rate the following guitarists 1 to 10, 10 being the highest.

David T.:
George Lynch 4
Michael Harris 8
Mick Mars 2
C. C. Deville 1
Jake E Lee 4
Slash 4
John Norum 4
Reb Beach 5

9. If you could have any other musicians play in a band with you, who would they be?

David T.: I have always wanted to do an album with Dio

10. Is Kate French going to be naked on any more album covers? Whose idea was it for the Southern Gentlemen cover?

David T.: I have another gorgeous naked woman lined up for the next SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN. Actually I received numerous pictures from around the world an it was a hard decision. It was my idea to have hot looking women on SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN covers since that band in about having a good time with rock n roll and sex.

11. You are a phenomenal guitarist and are known world wide, but you never have received commercial success. Do you ever regret not "selling out"?

David T.: It has always been more important to me to make more music instead of more money. I am not a capitalist pig and need a mansion and drive around in a limo. As long as I make enough to survive on I am happy. If some day one of my Cds happens to become a major success that would be great but it is not what I base my career decisions on.

12. MTV- good, bad or the devil?

David T.: It is pretty bad. They pretty much destroyed the music scene in the 90's. Lets face it, MTV has always sucked but they do have the power to make ANYONE a star if they so desire.

13. What is your take on "alternative rock"?

David T.: I am not a big fan of it mainly because music has to have some sort of over the top musician before I can get excited. Whether it be the guitarist, vocalist, etc.

14. Marge Schott used to do commercials for her car dealership with an elephant. If you had to kiss either Marge or the elephant, which one would it be?

David T.: Hmmm.... That is a tough choice but I guess Marge. Nothing against elephants.

15. What rock band should call it quits?

David T.: KISS, which they say they are but lets see if it is for real. Ted Nugent, who has always sucked and his idiocy only makes him that much more despised. Actually no one should call it quits unless the artist themselves sees no point in it.

16. Which do you prefer, Skyline Chili or Goldstar Chili?

David T.: In the old days it would have been Skyline. However now days I don't get anywhere near meat.

17. What is your advice to local bands sweating in the clubs every weekend on how to make it out of Cincinnati?

David T.: Try to be original. Play what you want not what you think other people want to hear. When in doubt, always go for the blonde.

Thanks again to David T. for doing the questions and his quick reply..

We here at CincyMetal consider this our Metal Sludge equivalent of Alice Cooper doing 20 questions, so not a bad start. Get on over to www.davidtchastain.com and check it out!

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