1) So who played on the new instrumental cd "ELEGANT SEDUCTION"?
DTC: I got two great players, David Harbour played the bass. He played on my last instrumental cd "WITHIN THE HEAT". On drums is Rick Porter. He did our US tour in 1990. Both are exceptional players!
2) Where was it recorded?
DTC: The great majority of the recording and mix was done at KAJEM/VICTORY Studios in Philadelphia. It is one of the best studios in the world. QUEENSRYCHE's "OPERATION MINDCRIME" album was recorded there. Also Cinderella, Metal Church and many others have done recording at the studio. It was the first time I was really in a world class studio and the sound shows it. The sound on the cd is great!
3) What's your favorite tracks on the new tape?
DTC: I like them all but if I had to choose, it would probably be "FORTUNATE HAPPENSTANCE". It has some cool grooves and key changes. I really like most everything!
4) "ELEGANT SEDUCTION" is a great title. Where did it come from?
DTC: I get a lot of my ideas for titles when I am driving down the interstate. It is one of the few times that my mind has time to roam. I think everyone likes to be Elegantly Seduced!
5) Anything new and exciting on the new cd?
DTC: Being in a great studio allowed us to use a lot of recording techniques that were new for me. Also a lot of subtle effects in the mix that really spaced some of the things out. Modern Technology!
6) So the record is coming out in the States on LEVIATHAN RECORDS. Why the change?
DTC: We wanted more control of the end results. When we were with ROADRACER too many things were out of our hands. The last album was mixed without our participation and we didn't agree with that. We just know how to handle this type of music better than Roadracer who is primarily a thrash/death metal label. The bottom line is that we sell more records on LEVIATHAN!
7) I see that LEVIATHAN RECORDS is releasing four new titles?
DTC: We're releasing my new tape, also another great instrumental tape from MICHAEL HARRIS called "DEFENSE MECHANIZMS", MARK SHELTON's "THE COURT OF CHAOS" and the re-release of my first album, SPIKE's "THE PRICE OF PLEASURE".
8) Why the re-release of the SPIKE album.
I've had numerous requests over the years to put it out again. It won't be available in the stores only thru mail and phone orders. It really is a pretty good record, just a little too commercial for my tastes.
9) Will there be a tour supporting this cd? I think you should do an instrumental tour!
DTC: There will be a tour of Japan in the summer that will be instrumental. I hope to do some Midwestern dates also. There has been some talk of a CHASTAIN/HARRIS tour. I currently work a lot with LEVIATHAN so it will be hard to get away for the extended tour like that of the last few years.
10) I know 90 was a busy year for you. What all happened?
DTC: It sure was! In January and February we finished recording the album "FOR THOSE WHO DARE". Then we did a short tour of FRANCE that was really mishandled. I loved France but the promoter was pretty flaky. Then in early May we shot the video for the song "FOR THOSE WHO DARE". By the end of May we began our tour of the states. It was from coast to coast. Some of the highlights were BOSTON, HOUSTON, SAN FRANCISCO, BILOXI, PHOENIX, SAN DIEGO, PHILADELPHIA, CINCINNATI, CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS, LOS ANGELES, DALLAS, BALTIMORE, all of FLORIDA, and quite a few other places. The album came out in June the video hit MTV HEADBANGERS BALL in July. I believe it was played a total of 6 times. We toured until mid-September. I then spent the remainder of the year recording "ELEGANT SEDUCTION".
11) So what is the current status of the band CHASTAIN?
DTC: We're taking a break for a while. Leather and myself have been working together since 1985 so a little break is in order. CHASTAIN's music is so serious and intense that it is hard to really keep that up. The songs are about "heavy" topics, world hunger, repression, environmental suicide, afterlife. The music can be pretty complicated so a CHASTAIN concert tour can be very draining experience. I love that band but I needed a break to be able not to be so serious and enjoy myself a little more. This is my "happy" year!
12) So what is Leather doing at present?
She's back in San Francisco doing things. I wish she would do another solo album. I believe "SHOCK WAVES" was a great album that died due to the lack of label support from ROADRACER. She's really picky about who she will play with. She's a great talent that one day everyone will wake up and see!
13) What's your favorite places you've played over the years?
That's a hard question but I will try to answer 1-SHIBUYA KOKAIDA HALL in Tokyo, 2-HARE ARENA in Dayton Ohio, HAMMERJACK'S in BALTIMORE, THE COUNTRY CLUB in LA, BOGART's in CINCINNATI, THE WHISKEY in LOS ANGELES, RIVERFRONT COLISEUM in Cincinnati, THE AGORA in CLEVELAND, other great places have been COLUMBUS, OHIO, DALLAS and HOUSTON TEXAS, LAMOURS in NEW YORK, BOSTON. But the two stand out events were the Tokyo and Dayton shows!
14) What do you listen to now days?
DTC: I listen to Z ROCK on the radio to keep current. I really only have time listen to demo tapes sent into LEVIATHAN. I'm pretty much the head of A&R, so I listen to everything at least once.
15) What do you think of the current music scene in Cincinnati?
DTC: On the original scene it is getting better all the time. 5 years ago most all bands were doing commercial covers. Now most bands have come to realize that really leads nowhere and that to make it you have to play your own songs. One day it could become a music center such as Seattle is going thru now.
16) How is the instructional video doing?
DTC: That was a real fun thing to do. It is selling pretty well overseas and is only now getting out in the US market. I have SCOTT TRAVIS the drummer of JUDAS PRIEST/FIGHT/RACER X playing on the tape and he is great. It has gotten great reviews!
17) What are the future plans for DAVID T. CHASTAIN?
DTC: I personally want to continue to put out quality music that I am happy with and hope that the music buying public will also. I want to enjoy myself at whatever I do in music. I want to help establish LEVIATHAN RECORDS as the musicians label and help put out great music. Looking forward to playing a few select live dates in 91. Trying to put out original music that has class and dignity!

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