1 - How your next studio album will be, comparing to "In Dementia"?
David T. Chastain:The next CHASTAIN cd is on hold due to Kate French's pregnancy. We were working on a new cd but when she got pregnant she said she couldn't concentrate on music for awhile. It won't be until sometime next year until that band will consider another cd.

2 - When do you expect to have Kate French back in studio to re-start the recording of the forthcoming album?
DTC:Basically I sent her an album's worth of material about a year ago to start work on but then the pregnancy thing happened and all is on hold.

3 - Kate French is a fantastic vocalist. Where did you find her to join Chastain band?
DTC:In 94 I decided to become the lead singer after searching for 4 years to find someone that inspired me. We had just come back from a short tour of Mexico and I was in LA and she came up to me and gave me a tape. I took a listen and was very impressed with her voice and of course her image.

5 - Could you tell us more about the CD of your side project Southern Gentlemen?
DTC: I have been recording this type of stuff for quite awhile on the side but the opportunity never really presented itself to release it as I was always involved with other projects. Once Kate said she couldn't do anything for a year I decided to go full tilt into the Southern Gentlemen project. Although we call it heavy blues rock it still has metal sounds and attitude. I don't think anyone has done anything that could really be called heavy metal blues but I guess this would qualify to some degree. Dennis Lesh and Kevin Kekes of Chastain also play on the cd. It is a fun type of music to play and it does not take itself too seriously. With the title Exotic Dancer Blues you can get the idea it is mainly about women and sex.

6 - Regarding the picture of Kate French on the cover. How did the decision to have her photo on the cover?
DTC: One day we were laying around naked at my house and I said why don't you let me do some photos of you. (Ha, ha!! Just joking!) Actually she sent me these awhile back and I thought the picture fit the title great. I am not 100% sure that will be the cover but it is for now. Check it out at:http://www.leviathanrecords.com/sg.htm She looks really hot!

7 - This project brings many influences from seventies music. What are your favorite bands from that era?
DTC: Trower, Hendrix, early ZZ Top, Allman Brothers and of course Sabbath, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Kansas and the like.

8 - Why do you sing in Southern Gentlemen, and don't make the same in your solo albums?
DTC: My voice fits more of a bluesy style as opposed to a high metal singer. I wish I could sing high metal better but it is not in the cards.

9 - It seems that you were looking for a vocalist to a new power metal project you're handling. Did you search someone for the job yet? Please let us know more about the project.
DTC: We have 3 guys who are doing some demos for the project as we speak. All have been on albums before and have names for themselves. However we are still accepting demos if there is anyone out there who kicks ass, send us your stuff.
Leviathan Records
P.O. Box 745
Tyrone, GA. 30290
It will have Michael Harris also on guitar, Michael's brother Brian on drums, he played on the last My Own Victim cd, James Turner on bass, he is Michael's bassist in the Michael Harris project, myself of guitar and then the singer. I have finished all of my parts and it is really cool stuff.

10 - I heard that the new band will follow the same path as the albums you recorded in the 80's with CJSS. Is that information correct?
DTC: It will definitely have the more traditional metal sounds of the 80s. Cool Maiden cds were always a personal favorite during that time. (Until Adrian Smith left) I think Hammerfall has got a good 80s vibe about them. I guess more that style but with a little bit better musicianship and slight more complex material. More classical sounding also.

11 - Your latest solo album "Acoustic Visions" is quite different from all your previous albums. How came the idea of making this record that way?
DTC: I had been playing Acoustic guitar for about a month and there were a lot of cool ideas I was coming up with so I said, what the hell, let's do a cd. It is basically a solo heavy metal acoustic guitar recording. Very unusual, but I like it! I am sure no one has done this kind of cd before.

12 - How was your public's response to that album?
DTC: People who have heard it really like it. Unfortunately it was not released down in South America. If you know of any labels in Brasil that might be interested, send them my way. I would love for people down there to hear this cd.

13 - Being the owner of Leviathan Records, could you tell us more about your label. What are the current acts signed, future albums, etc.?
DTC: I am co-owner of Leviathan. Leviathan releases material that I personally am into and enjoy. Here in the states the music scene pretty much sucks so we have to look at foreign markets for most of our success. We are involved with many acts such as KenZiner, Event, Joe Stump, Tiles, Arch Rival, Thick As Thieves, Michael Harris, John Hahn, Full Circle, Simple Aggression, Mara, Masi, Reign Of Terror to name a few. All of the acts except Simple Aggression are working on new cds in one way or another.

14 - Please leave us a final message.
DTC: Hopefully one day I can come to Brasil for a series of concerts. From what I hear it rocks and the women are wild! Sounds perfect. Please visit Leviathan Records web site for further info: http://www.leviathanrecords.com on Chastain and all of Leviathan's acts. Stay heavy and cool!!!!!!

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