Russell Jinkens Interview 6.15.2000

1)Tell us how the recording of Kings of the World came about?
Russell Jinkens: With the resurgence of interest in Heavy music and a CJSS reunion some labels were looking for a band that could deliver the power and finesse people want to hear.

2)Was it hard to play with the band again after all of these years.
RJ: No, it is easy and great to play with musicians the caliber of Chastain, Skimmerhorn and Sharp. Real professionals.

3)How was it decided which songs would go on Kings of the World?
RJ: The label chose material we had compiled but never released.

4)What is your favorite song(s) and why?
RJ: Final Frontier and Executioner's Song tell vivid stories and Kings of the World was spontaneous combustion. All the tracks turned out excellent, though.

5)Are there any tour planned for the band?
RJ: We are doing some regional tours and I hope interest in the new CD will spark some major tour plans. Hit Pavement Music and our websites and tell us you want us LIVE!.

6)Are there plans for another Cd after this one?
RJ: We do have an option for more recordings, but again, that depends on response.

7)Why did you guys chose Pavement Music?
RJ: Pavement has an extensive catalogue of Heavy music.

8)What have you been doing these past few years?
RJ: I have been working on various projects. I just released a CD under the title of "Oldschool Rock & Roll" which was fun.

9)Any final words to the fans both new and old?
RJ: I think our fans will be excited to hear our new material. It has a maturity and accessibility, while maintaining our power and trademark sound.

CJSS is looking forward to once again playing live in 2000 to support KINGS OF THE WORLD. For further info please contact Pavement Music at 480.783.0288.

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