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DAVID T. CHASTAIN INTERVIEW - David , a classic question for you : how did you get interested in music and who were some guitarists that influenced your musical taste?

David T. Chastain: When I was growing up I was always attracted to the sound of lead guitars in the music that played on the radio. It was something I always wanted to do. A few of my friends began playing and I soon followed. I became very dedicated to practicing and I developed my skills rather quickly. When I first started playing I was inspired by a lot of different and diverse players. Everyone from Jimi Hendrix to John McLaughlin to Duane Allman to Tony Iommi to Clapton, Page, Beck and many others. I was never just into any one guitarist. However I would say that Holdsworth was my favorite for many years.

- "Rock Solid Guitar" is your latest cd . After many heavy albums you have realized a classic rock 'n roll instrumental album with a great riffs a melodies guitar solos ... and I like it !

David T. Chastain: This album was more straight ahead than my other instrumental Cds to date. I wanted this to be almost like a live 3 piece jam session and that is pretty much what the end result produced. Mostly improvisation and just letting things rip and progress naturally. Actually a very fun Cd to make!! After I made SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Exotic Dancer Blues" I realized music can be a lot of fun if you don't take it too seriously.

- You are a legendary rock guitarist and famous into the guitar scene . What do you think about the guitar scene today ... Do you usually listen to other guitar players ? Who ?

David T. Chastain: Well most of the popular guitarists of the day are really horrible. However once in awhile some new guys come along who are talented. Fortunately I have produced 2 great young guitarists in the last year. Corbin King of Vainglory and Gus G of Firewind. Both of those guys are great. I listen to a little bit of everything but I am so busy doing my own music, producing and running 2 record companies that I really only listen extensively to things I am involved.

- ... And what are the problems with a records company today ?

David T. Chastain: Most companies are only interested in making money and could care less about the style of music they are promoting. Only a few companies stick to their guns and put out stuff they really believe in.

- Well , tell me about your new Endorser ... Kramer Guitars and what guitars and other equipment do you favor to get your great sound ?

David T. Chastain: I have always played Kramer guitars throughout my recording career. For awhile I was using BC Rich guitarts but I always gravitated back to the Kramers. The news one they are making are really cool. I have a roomful and I use all of them from time to time. Ampwise I am using either Marshall or the PODs. On Rock Solid Guitar it is just the POD.

- A crazy question for you !!! What are three songs of other artists that you wish you had written ?

David T. Chastain: Many classical things but as far as metal things go there is nothing in particular but there are tons of classic metal things I enjoy listening to when I get the chance. War Pigs-Sabbath, Highway to Hell-AC/DC, Pull Me Under-Dream Theater are 3 great tracks for sure.

- In your opinion the future of the music (buy , advertising , listen ...) is ... on Internet ?

David T. Chastain: I hope so because the normal distribution of Cds is not very good nor very efficient. However I think that both will be around for years to come. Some people like to walk into the store and have the product in their hands. However the internet levels out the playing field for all concerned.

- The interview is going to finish . Give me some practical advise to young guitar player who wants to become a professional musician.

David T. Chastain: Practice and try to be yourself. Don't chase trends and try to write your own songs. Learn as much as you can about music theory and above all enjoy what you are playing because 9 times out of 10 that is all you will have in the end.

- David , thanx for you time to GuitarChef ... best of luck with your great latest album , bye bye . Matt .

David T. Chastain: Thanks and good luck to you and yours in 2002!!

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