DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Rock Solid Guitar" Now available!!


Musician's University Interview

1. Tell us about your latest solo album "Rock Solid Guitar".

The new instrumental Cd is called 'Rock Solid Guitar' and is a rip roaring affair that is not your typical shred instrumental Cd. The Cd is closer to a heavy revved up SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN than neoclassical burn. It is much more improvisation than worked out arpeggios and other technical flair. This really is my personal favorite type of music. I am very happy with this release. Kramer Guitars is running a series of ads to help in the promotion of this Cd. To catch a glimpse of the ad go to http://www.diginetmusic.com/dtckramer.htm

2. You have so many projects going on at any given time, its almost impossible to keep up with. Tell us about some of the other projects you currently have in the works.

In the year 2001 there will probably be 20 or so Cds that will hit the market that I will be involved. We are currently recording a new Southern Gentlemen and Chastain Cds. I just finished playing on a new Cd called Ruud Cooty that I am really happy with. Kind of like Van Halen meets the Allman Brothers. That band features vocalist Stephen Fredrick of Kenziner fame.
Here is the current discography: (likely to change within the month)
2001-RUUD COOTY ‘Trouble’
2001-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Rock Solid Guitar'
2001-SPIKE-'The Price of Pleasure' (remastered/repackaged)
2001-CJSS 'Sands of Time'
2001-CHASTAIN 'The 7th of Never' (remastered/repackaged)
2001-SPIKE 'The Forum Sessions'
2001-CJSS 'Embryonic Animation'
2001-Diginet Music 'Guitar Avengers' (Compilation CD)
2001-David T. Chastain 'Within The Heat' (remastered/repackaged)
2001-ZANISTER 'Fear No Man''
2001-The Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Aberration'
2001-Georgia Blues Dawgs 'Hard Times' (Taxim/Dark Reign)
2001-David T. Chastain's D-Daze 'A New Day
2001-David T. Chastain's No Voices 'Instatreasures'
2001-David T. Chastain's Riffology 'Wicked Riffs'
2000-CJSS 'Kings of the World' (Pavement Music)
2000-SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN 'Exotic Dancer Blues'
1999-ZANISTER 'Symphonica Millennia'
1999-CJSS '2-4-1'
1998-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Metal Guitars'(Europe)
1998-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Acoustic Visions'
1997-CHASTAIN 'In Dementia'
1996-The Cincinnati Improvisational Group 'Freeform Free For All'
1995-CHASTAIN 'Sick Society'
1995-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'In Your Face' Massacre Records (1 Track) (Europe)
1995-CHONO MASAHIRO (Japan, 3 tracks)
1995-CJSS 'Best Of' (Japan)
1994-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Next Planet Please'
1993-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Dangerous Women' Sony Records (1 Track)
1992-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Movements Thru Time'
1992-CHASTAIN HARRIS 'Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!!'
1991-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Elegant Seduction'
1990-CJSS 'Retrospect' (Europe)
1990-CHASTAIN 'For Those Who Dare'
1989-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Within The Heat'
1989-VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Heavy Hammer Hits' Roadrunner Records (1 Track) (Europe)
1988-CHASTAIN 'Voice of the Cult'
1987-DAVID T. CHASTAIN 'Instrumental Variations'
1987-CHASTAIN 'The 7th of Never' (Re released on Massacre Records in 1995)
1986-CJSS 'Praise The Loud'
1986-CHASTAIN 'Ruler of the Wasteland'
1986-CJSS 'World Gone Mad'
1985-CHASTAIN 'Mystery of Illusion'
1983-SPIKE 'The Price of Pleasure'

3.You explore many different forms of music through your various projects. Do you ever feel like you're spreading yourself too thin, and that maybe you would be better off concentrating your efforts on one project?

Maybe who knows. However I enjoy the excitement of having many musical girl friends instead of one wife. Working with different musicians always keeps things fresh and never boring. While being in one band 100% would probably be better for my career that has never been a consideration for me. More music is much more important to me than more money!!

4. Tell us about some of the other artists signed to Leviathan Records and what role you play in their development.

Joe Stump is a great shred guitarist and he has just released a vocal Cd with Michael Vescera under the name The Reign of Terror. VAINGLORY is a new band that features guitar great Corbin King. The band is kind of like progressive thrash if there is such a term. Kenziner is a band that has released 2 Cds in the past that were very good. However I think the band is over. We of course sell most of the Chastain and David T. Chastain catalog, all of the Joe Stump instrumental stuff, tons of Michael Harris and a lot of other stuff. Best just to go to http://www.leviathanrecords.com and see for yourself.

5. Who are some of your biggest influences?

It goes all over the map depending on which type of music I am recording: Sabbath, Holdsworth, Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Uli Roth, Return to Forever, Dio, Rhoads, Maiden, Trower, Kansas, AC/DC and many more. So a very wide range. However nothing is preeminent amongst the above.

6. What are you currently listening to?

Usually stuff I am involved with recording or producing at Leviathan Records or my new company Diginet Music. http://www.diginetmusic.com Right now the Ruud Cooty stuff gets a play a day as well as DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Rock Solid Guitar."

7. Do you have any touring plans in the near future?

I am considering doing some Midwest dates playing a mixture of music from all of my different bands. (Instrumental, CJSS, Chastain, SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN, Zanister, etc) Booked under Chastain, David T. Chastain, David T. Chastain and Friends, Southern Gentlemen or whatever works for the venue. This band does not have to play metal only venues. Can also play more mainstream venues since SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN is a blues rock band. So in other words it would probably be myself and a bassist and drummer with one or all of us providing vocals.

8. You are primarily known as a "shred" guitarist. How do you feel about this label, and do you think that "shred" will make a comeback?

It is kind of funny because I have always played many different styles. However anyone who seems to play fast guitar at some point is called a shred guitarist. I consider myself a competent player at many different styles and I think my musical catalog represents that fact. With that said my biggest sellers have been shred releases. Although SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN "Exotic Dancer Blues" was the best reviewed Cd of my career.

9. What epuipment do you currently play through?

Kramer guitars, Marshall amps, Marshall Cabinets, POD unit and a Rockman currently are my norms when recording.

10. What words of advice would you offer an aspiring musician?

Try to be yourself and don't spend all of your time trying to emulate another player. Write your own stuff as soon as possible and follow your own tastes not MTVs!!

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