Leviathan Records
25 Years of Guitar Instrumental Madness!

Leviathan Records started in 1986. Over the last 25 years the label has produced some of the greatest guitar instrumentals of all time. This collection celebrates some of the label's favorite tracks during that time.

Track Listing:
1 Thunder and Lightning (CJSS from "Praise the Loud")
2 827 (Chastain from "The 7th of Never")
3 Wild and Truly Diminished (David T. Chastain from "Instrumental Variations")
4 Excursions into Reality (David T. Chastain from "Within The Heat")
5 Schizophrenia (David T. Chastain from "Elegant Seduction")
6 Collision Course (Chastain/Harris from "Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!!")
7 Captain Courageous (John Hahn from "Out of the Shadows")
8 Blame It On Rio (David T. Chastain from "Next Planet Please")
9 Exiled To Live (Cincinnati Improvisational Group from "Freeform Free For All")
10 Set (David T. Chastain from "Acoustic Visions")
11 Dimensions (Kenziner from "The Prophecies")
12 Burning Passions (David T. Chastain from "Rock Solid Guitar")
13 Cast The Glamor (Vainglory from "2050")
14 Hurricane X (Michael Harris from "Hurricane X")
15 The Fire and the Fury (Firewind from "Burning Earth")
16 Destination (Corbin King from "Destination")
17 Attack of the Mechonrites (David T. Chastain from "Countdown to Infinity")
18 Snake Flower (Southern Gentlemen from "Instrumentalized")

Southern Gentlemen Joe Stump Chastain David T. Chastain Zanister Firewind Joe Stump's Reign of Terror Vainglory Kate French Kenziner Leather Michael Harris Kinrick John Hahn Full Circle CJSS
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