If you thought heavy metal guitar playing was out of your reach, grab hold of this video and don't let go! In less than 60 minutes DAVID T. CHASTAIN will take you from the most basic to advanced scales to create a unique, personalized sound that will blow you and your audience away!

Primarily a self-taught guitarist, DAVID has released wide acclaim as one of rock's contemporary guitar virtuosos. In addition to numerous solo efforts DAVID has recorded several albums with the groups CJSS, CHASTAIN HARRIS and THE CHASTAIN BAND and such rock celebrities as FRED COURY (CINDERELLA), female lead singer LEATHER and "drummer extraordinaire" KEN MARY. He was also heralded as the most original players on the recent "Guitar Heroes" tour of Japan.

DAVID T. CHASTAIN's unmistakable trademark is the creation of original progressive metal techniques, and in this blistering video he reveals to you the entire collection from start to finish: Learning the Modes--Mastering Over A Dozen Different Scales from The most common, (Dorian, Minor, Major, Diminished, Harmonic, Etc.), to The Unusual (Full-Diminished, Chromatic & Gypsy Minor)--Turning Practice into Perfection--How To Attack Notes to Create Variety--Alternative Ways To Playing Scales to Create a Different Sound and much, much more! In addition to actual step-by-step demonstrations of individual skills and he also performs "SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION" and "DANGER ZONE F-107" with drummer SCOTT TRAVIS (RACER-X, JUDAS PRIEST) and sensational bass player JOHN BILLINGS in their entirety!

If it's challenging, innovative and progressive metal guitar playing you seek, look no further than DAVID T. CHASTAIN and BACKSTAGE PASS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS!

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