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Quite easily one of the heaviest, if not the HEAVIEST cds of all time!! Leif Edling and the band gives us 6 "True Metal Classics". From the dramatic opening of "Solitude" to the fading voice of "A Sorcerer's Pledge", this cd is totally filled with Metal Masterpieces. Each song stands strong and there is definitely not a weak song on this release. Doom, doom, doom. "To hatred, bitterness, pain, depressions and hangovers: without you this album never would have been possible," reads the album insert, more than hinting at inspirations, and warning you this six song, full length cd is no lighthearted romp in the park. What it is, is a weighty walk in the dark, as well executed, cohesive piece of gloomy, dark and deadly sound. The lyrics do not pay homage to evil, however, they depict the constant struggle between demons and those who refuse to serve them. EPICUS, DOOMICUS, METALLICUS is true head banger paradise in the cellar; epic Doom Metal.

It's gothic laced with a medieval aura that grips one's attention and won't let go, with enveloping swirls of intense substance. Overlaying it all are the vocals of Johan Lanquist with his deeply passionate David Bowie voice, if only Bowie had some vocal muscle. Guitarist Mats Bjoerkman lays down some of the heaviest rhythm guitar tracks this side of Metallica. Klas Bergwall supplied the lead guitar as a special guest. Drummer Mats Ekstroem's bombastic explosions on drums pound you into submission without remorse. This group can best be described as a frontal assault on your ears!! Originally from Sweden, CANDLEMASS is the bassist/lyricist Leif Edling's undertaking and goes through various line-ups. Regardless of player, Edling composes music that you feel-either as tightness in your throat, a sensation in your gut, or a hypnotic lethargy in your inability to stop the CD.
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  • Leif Elding-Bass Guitar
  • Mats Bjoerkman-Rhythm guitar
  • Mats Ekstroem-Drums
  • Johan Lanquist-Vocals
  • Klas Bergwall-solo guitar
  • Christian Weberyd
  • Cille Svenson-voice on "Sorcerer's Pledge"