This collection features some of the hottest guitarists on planet Earth. 13 intense tracks!

Track Listing:
1- The Fire and the Fury (Firewind from "Burning Earth")
2- Cast The Glamor (Vainglory from "2050")
3- Paginini's Purgatory (Joe Stump's Reign of Terror from "Sacred Ground")
4- Now of Never (David T. Chastain from "Instrumental Variations")
5- Dimensions (Kenziner from "The Prophecies")
6- Divine D (Gus G from "Guitar Master 2010 Remaster")
7- Sonata Hypnotica (Joe Stump's Reign of Terror from "Second Coming")
8- Chasing Rainbows (Michael Harris from "Hurricane X")
9- Hardly Enough (Corbin King from "Nightwalker")
10- Guitar Concerto in Dm (Joe Stump's Reign of Terror from "Light in the Sky")
11- Mind Games (John Hahn from "Mind Games")
12- Movements Qp827 (CJSS from "The 7 Hills Demo")
13- Tapping Toccata (Joe Stump's Reign of Terror from "Second Coming")

Southern Gentlemen Joe Stump Chastain David T. Chastain Zanister Firewind Joe Stump's Reign of Terror Vainglory Kate French Kenziner Leather Michael Harris Kinrick John Hahn Full Circle CJSS
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