2001: A Shred Odyssey

1. Tell us the concept behind the new Cd 2001: A Shred Odyssey.

JOE STUMP: Well originally Leviathan was going to release a compilation disc of remastered tunes from my previous four instrumental albums along with some previously unreleased stuff and some live tracks. As it turned out there was so much material available that all I needed to do was record a few new tracks and we'd have plenty of stuff to release a whole new record. As it turned out the new and live stuff turned out great and the older tracks hold up quite nicely.

2. How did you come up with that monstrous opening guitar solo on the Cd and were there any special influences on this Cd?

JOE STUMP: I love to play and compose guitar cadenzas. Some of my favorites are Gary Moore's End of the World intro on Corridors of Power(one of my favorite all time guitar albums)and Yngwie's unaccompanied solos on Live Sentence (Alcatrazz)and the one before Hot on Your Heels (Steeler).Blackmore's intro to Difficult to Cure with Rainbow both live(Difficult to Cure, Final Vinyl)and studio is extremely cool as well. Also the unaccompanied solo Ritchie does on Deep Purple's Live in London is killer especially when you consider when it was recorded. I also can't forget Michael Schenker's Corvasier Concerto from Budahkan. 2001's title is a combo of all my guitar influences(Gary Moore, Blackmore, Malmsteen, Schenker, Uli Roth and Jimi Hendrix of course)as well as my heavy violinesque Paganini ,Bach on crack influence. It was very very demanding to play all in one take start to finish.

3. Where were the live tracks recorded and when?

JOE STUMP: The live stuff was recorded this past year during one of my U.S. tours.

4. A couple of the tracks are from other Cds. When were those tracks recorded?

JOE STUMP: The Haunting, Big Bad Groove and Bullet Train are from the Guitar Dominance sessions. Tear it Up from Super Sonic Shred Machine and Still I'm Sad from the Rapid Fire Rondo sessions were both used as bonus tracks for Japan only. So outside of my Japanese fans nobody's really heard any of these before.

5. Will the new live tracks ever surface in studio form?

JOE STUMP: The Psycho Shred Suite will actually have two other sections and will be recorded as a three part suite. That will appear on my next full on studio instrumental disc.

6. Why the track Still I'm Sad?

JOE STUMP: Need you ask, it's to fulfill my never ending quest to be Ritchie Blackmore. In my opinion one of the true giants and masters of hard rock guitar, also cooler than shit. A lot of people don't realize he recorded an instrumental version of that tune on the very first Rainbow album. Just paying tribute to one of my all time heroes.

7. Generally speaking what guitars, amps and effects are you using on the Cds newer tracks?

JOE STUMP: I have an ESP endorsement so I used several of my ESP custom shop strats on all the new and live stuff. They've got Dimarzio YJM and HS3 pickups and scalloped fingerboards. Amp wise old Marshalls 70's 50 WATT MARK twos. Effects included my trusty old DOD 250 preamp overdrive and a Dunlop cry baby wah wah.

8. Any live solo dates planned to support this new release?

JOE STUMP: Oh yes some dates in Dec. then back out on the road after the holidays. I love to play live.

9. What can we look for in future recordings from Mr. Stump?

JOE STUMP: Next year a new Reign of Terror album and studio instrumental record. I've got a majority of the material already written.

10. What is the one guitar scale you could never live without and why?

JOE STUMP: That's an easy one Phrygian Dominant and harmonic minor. Both can be beautiful and melodic as well as sinister and quite evil sounding.

11. What is the one guitar scale you could live without and why?

JOE STUMP: Real melodic minor other wise known as jazz minor. My jazz days are long behind me.

12. Any final message to shred heads around the world?

JOE STUMP: Just a very sincere thanks to everyone's who's supported my past and current work. The solo on 2001 is worth the price of the new album alone so please check it out if you haven't yet.

2001: A Shred Odyssey Sound Samples

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