Corbin King Interview
1)So how does it feel to be finally working with Stephen Fredrick after all these years?
Corbin King: Well..I suppose it feels good....I actually haven't really thought about it too much. Stephen's definitely a great singer and it seems that this CD was the one that let us finally meet musically. In regards to "after all these years", he had been sent audition tunes for Vainglory before and wasn't into them due to their 'heaviness', I guess the fact that this CD worked out for the both of us would be a good thing... considering the times we've enountered each other, yet never really hooked up.

2)It seems like a perfect match all things considered? Style, location, influences, etc?
Corbin King: Yea...when you think about it it makes sense. Like I said, we've always crossed paths in one way or another but never clicked like this CD allowed us to. I love really heavy stuff with lots of Vainglory band is like that and seemed to be a bit too much for him in the past...that's why I think this CD fit just right, it has some heavy tunes but still keeps a melodic sense and worked really well for Stephen to sing to.

3)What do you think of the final recording now that you have had time to step back a bit?
Corbin King: I like it very much! The mix is good and the production is very strong. The time in my life when I was recording the CD was pretty tough...and when I was involved with it I was focused during the recording sessions... yet as a whole I was not. It actually hasn't been too long in the past that I really sat back down with it and could hear it now as a listener instead of a performer. I always have a hard time with that...just listening to things and enjoying them...I'm usually over analyzing things or nit picking...I guess I've learned a little in the way of just shutting down the brain sometimes and taking something for what it is...and actually getting some degree of enjoyment out of things I've recorded.

4)What is your favorite track(s) and why?
Corbin King: Lets see...I like Through The Void, I Fight Alone, and Throughout All Time...atleast right now those are the ones that come to mind. It changes from time to some point or another I'm into most all of them. I like Through The Void because it has a totally heavy riff and feel going on...and just over all has a crushing effect. I Fight Alone has a really cool middle and end solo section that really flows and captures the wave of the song..Throughout all time has some cool heavy riffs and alot of changing parts...the more I think about it, the more tunes I could name and give reasons for! I took a different approach to this CD than my others...I usually compose everything in detail and every note has a purpose and has to be a specific way...with this CD I tapped into more of an off the cuff attitude. All the solos are pretty much of an improvised nature. I would jam over the riffs a few times and get the jist of it and some ideas and then I would just let it fly and see what the hell came out. My playing took on a different twist this way..if you've heard anything of mine in the past like the Destination tunes you can hear the difference. Even though the Destination CD still has the live band thing and improv to it...the style and such differ. These songs are a bit more down to Earth or user friendly I guess! Most of the time my intensity is at a dangerous level...and that's certainly a good thing, don't get me wrong...but for this, I feel it worked better for the CD as a whole to take this alternate route.

5)What guitar/amps/etc did you use on this Cd?
Corbin King: The amp tones are right out of a POD 2.0, the Brit Hi Gain model (JCM 800). I used a Crybaby, a DOD 250, and an NS2 Noise Supressor in front of the POD signal chain. The guitar was all Les Paul. This is another new aspect for the recording. I have always played Strats, but a friend of mine let me borrow one of his Pauls and I was into hey, why not record with it! I'm also using it on some new material for the near future. I chose the POD set up because they are great for dialing in tones and for consistency in recording. Anyone who's ever done any serious recording knows what I'm talking about. When you're working on a CD or a song and you can't record at set times that are back to back or all in one run, you get problems with matching up tones from session to session. If you are micing a cabinet and running an can cut some tracks one day and have a killer tone and end the day happy...come back the next having not touched a thing and it all sounds different. With the POD you don't have this problem... so it worked well since I was recording at different times alot.

6)Any live dates planned for Kinrick?
Corbin King: We've talked about it in brief...I'm not really sure at this time though. I'd love it...bring it on! If it could be arranged it would be great...keep your fingers crossed for the future.

7)We hear you have just finished your new recording studio. Tell us about it?
Corbin King: Yes! I bought my first house this past year and the whole lower level is a studio. I've finally got it all finished and set up and have been commencing to break it all in. During my moving transition a long time went by since I had recorded or even practiced alot for that matter...and it was sure nice to finally get things going again! I use all the Roland systems...the VS2480 and such...I have various other equipment and my guitar rig of doom but the heart of the tracking and mixing is the Roland...I can't say enough good things about those machines. I don't care what any Pro Tools guys say or anyone for that matter....I have a great set of ears and there's not been anything I wanted to produce or achieve that I haven't been able to do on this gear. So hey...if someone wants to waste upwards of 40-100 grand on some computer stuff and still get a bad result...that's their deal. The mastery of your set up, understanding what the music is supposed to sound like, and your ears, are the things that lead to a great sounding product...I would put my upcoming CDs and things I'm currently producing here up against just about anything out there in regards to tones, sound, and production. I know what metal is supposed to sound like and I know how to get those kinds of tones...I will be producing a couple other acts this year other than my own and I love doing so. If there's anyone out there with some killer metal and you want to get the best sound..get in touch with me and we can talk!

8)What 5 cds have been the most influential on you and your musical direction?
Corbin King: These kinds of questions are always the hardest. I go through phases with music...sometimes I don't listen, sometimes I do, and it always varies. I'd say the most influential overall (right now!!!) would be..Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Metallica: Master Of Puppets, Megadeth :Rust In Peace, Testament: Practice What You Preach, Black Label Society: Stronger Than Death.

9)If you could put together your dream band who else would be in it?
Corbin King: Hmmm...good question. I'm not really sure. I'd say me on guitar, Rob Halford on vocals, Paul Bostaph on drums, and Cliff Burton on bass. Now that would be interesting!

10)Any final words to the fans around the world?
Corbin King: Yes! Thank you all for everything! When it comes down to it at the end of the day...all I can do is make sure Ive done the best I can...when some else out there feels the same way.. and finds a meaning in something I've done, and it has made their day better or helped them in some way..well, that's the best feeling there is. Keep your eyes wide and your ears open...I'm not finished yet. -Corbin King-

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