Corbin King Interview For Transcending the Mundane by Brett

1. Why was it the right time for you and Stephen to get together for this c.d.?

- I guess mainly because the material clicked between us the best. I had actually auditioned Stephen in the past for the VAINGLORY material and he wasn't interested because it seemed a bit too heavy for his liking. We live close to each other and it has always been in the bak of Chastain's mind to try and get us hooked up on something and it has turned out that these KINRICK tunes we're the ones that let it happen...they are still heavy but I think a bit more straight ahead lending them more to Stephen's ear.

2. Will you continue to record albums as Kinrick in the future or will you have to wait and see?

- We will have to see what happens. I would like to do afew more...I think there are alot of great things that could come out of it, I feel we can further in the direction created on this CD by staying really heavy yet straight ahead and melodic. So, I'd say keep your fingers crossed and see what we can do in the near future!

3. What is the status of Vainglory?

- VAINGLORY is currently in rehearsal to do some supporting dates for the new CD this summer. I/we have gone through about as many situations as possible to get to where we are now...lots of ups and downs. The new CD kicks some serious ass and will do us justice once it's finally released. I have a whole new band line up now. I've got the great Kate French on vocals, new drumming phenomenon ,Dan Lynch, on the kit... I've added a rhythm guitarist, John Michael Youngblood, to help thicken things up for the live situation, and last but not least on bass ,Chris Banja, hammering it out with us.

It has been a long time coming, yet I'm very proud of it...definitely will be my personal crowning achievement as far as playing and writing metal goes. I listen back to the tracks and some of those lead guitar parts are incredible if I do say so myself...I'm actually having to go back and relearn them during our rehearsal sessions!! We also have a very cool brand new website in the works through Naturally Wired Designs,, Chad Dyer runs that show, he's a super great guy and has done some really killer work for alot of great bands. The new site will be at So...never fear VG will be back with a vengeance soon!!

4. What will be your next recording venture?

- Right now I'm working on a couple new things. I've got my solo band, Southern Pride, in the works. It's a super super heavy outfit with alot of great songs and I'm on vocals as well. This in reality may surface sometime this fall...I'm not sure yet. I am also helping record/ engineer a solo effort by Kate French. She has got some really cool songs and I'm really excited about being involved with it. She's a very talented person and musician... and she can sing anything! Its gonna transcend alot of barriers between musical styles...Kate's writing everything and I'll be producing. For the most part though through working with her on the VAINGLORY CD I have gotten really good at producing and engineering her vocals, which is where I'll be doing most of the work. I really want to see her shine through on her CD and want to make sure her vocal production is the best it can be. There will be more news on both of these bands in the near future!!

5. I read that you mostly play Strats- what is it about their sound which makes you uses them?

- Well, the great thing about a Strat is its versatility. You can get pretty much any sound you want out of them with the right pickup and amp combination. The main thing I like about them is the comfort, they just fit nice. The necks are smooth and the bodies are comfortable. I like them because they are more rounded and less dainty than the soloist style body shape and the can take some abuse and not break! I really want to find a cool guitar company to do some work with because I think I've got some really good ideas on making a killer guitar. I've figured out what works and what feels good while getting the job only if someone would make them for me!!

6. At what age did you start playing guitar?

- I got my 1st electric when I was 9. I kicked the shit out of it and put it under the bed for a while. When I got around 11 or so I started digging into my Mom's record collection and wound up becoming possessed. Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and stuff like that took over...I knew then I had to play guitar. I've busted my ass ever since and here we are.

7. What bands made you interested in metal?

After the early phase I spoke of naturally progressed into heavier and heavier things. Zeppelin became Guns'N'Roses, GnR became Metallica, so on and so on...Then I branched off into the virtuoso side with Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Yngwie, and such...I am influenced by lots of things and many bands...they all cross paths at some point. Now I'm into my own thing and letting the music in me come out...but from time to time just like anyone can hear some of those early influences come atcha a bit.

8. What advice would you give beginners? What kept you motivated?

- Practice like there's no tomorrow! You'll be ahead of your game in the end...nobody practices anymore or cares and you can hear it in the music...most of it sucks in my opinion. I kept motivated by staying submerged in music and really focusing on a vision of becoming those people that I admired. If you're young, don't let your friends bully you into screwing off...running around town doing nothing of any can hang out with your friends anytime...and your true friends would want you to do what you anyone that ever gives you shit about wanting to practice is not a friend and you don't need them anyway. There will be plenty of time in your life where you can goof off...get some damn work done while you can...cause next thing you know, you're dead. Mainly...stay focused...bury yourself in music and the guitar and always look for something new you can hear or do...there are so many great things out there to draw from..and also study music theory!!

9. How do you like living down in the south? Do you get to see metal shows very often?

- I love it. I've never known any different. There are alot of great places in this country and I hope to live in them all before I'm gone, but I am proud of my heritage and where I'm from. Metal shows come through all the time. I've seen just about every band I've ever wanted to see. I like it when they come through here sometimes better because they play at smaller places and you can get up close and personal where as at huge arenas its kinda removed from reality a bit.

10. How did you hook up with David and Leviathan Records?

- I met David at a club here in Atlanta called ' The Masquerade'. We were at a Savatage/ Exhibit A show. I remember because Alex Skolnick was playing with them and that's why I went. I say David hanging out there and I just walked up to him and introduced myself, told him it was an honor and told him a little about my band at the time..he gave me his card and we stayed in touch after that. I was young, around 19 or 20 or something. He gave me some constructive criticism on my stuff and I busted my ass to get better. We maintained contact and I continued to submit him material and finally we we're able to put something together. It was a cool thing, I remember having his instructional video and a couple CDs and when I saw him standing there it was really cool to meet him. He's an extremely down to earth guy and has helped me tremendously and really believed in what I was doing. My gratitude goes out to him. Thanks David!!

11. What keeps you busy during your spare time? Do you give guitar lessons at all?

- Spare time??? Whats that!!?? I have very little spare time. Between the recording projects and also engineering my studio..any free time I have is taken. I don't get enough time with my family and I wish I could have more time with them. I do teach guitar lessons locally. Right now it's the mainstay of income. I have a full load Monday thru Friday teaching 40+ lessons per week.

12. Final comments? Please add anything we missed in the interview. Thanks for your time-Brett

- Thanks for the interest and the interview!! Its always a pleasure talking to someone that's into something I've's a real honor. I hope you enjoy the many new things I've got in the works. Most of all STAY METAL!!! Thanks!!!

Corbin King

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