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1.) Hello, your debut SENSE YOUR DARKNESS is a really good Metal album. Congratulations! How would you describe it in a few sentences?

Stephen Fredrick: Traditional heavy metal with great music and strong melodic vocals. With that said we still have modern lyrical statements. We are concerned with the direction of the world and especially the policies of the current US government.

2.) Although you're album contains mainly good old Thrash Metal, you put also other Metal genres on it. What are your influences?

Stephen Fredrick: Corbin lists stuff such acts as Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament and Black Label Society. Personally I am more into traditional metal vocalists that I grew up on such as Halford, Coverdale, Dio, Joe Lynn Turner, MSG, and similar. I hear a lot of new bands that have good singers but I am not really influenced by them. I am pretty set in my style by this point. I would like to think I have a unique style.

3.) Obviously, your album presents itself unified, so it doesn't look like a real debut. How come?

Stephen Fredrick: At this point in time we are all pretty experienced in recording, touring, etc. So when it comes time to do a Cd we know what we are doing and don't mess around. Also each person has access to a studio so there are no big time constraints and extra pressure of being "on the clock." Our Producer David T. Chastain knows how to get the best of people when it comes down to the nitty gritty so it just all works.

4.) One song contains the exclaiming line "stand up and fight, when you are right!". Is this to interpret as, let's say, the rise of a band? I mean speaking out what you personally think and telling these thoughts to other people.

Stephen Fredrick: It is for anyone who is getting pushed around. Especially when you know you are right and some ass is bullying you into something you know is wrong. You can only take so much before you have to "Stand Up and Fight!"

5.) Your band's name "Kinrick" really doesn't say anything to me. Could you explain it a bit? What stays behind these seven letters K-I-N-R-I-C-K?

The band's name is a conglomeration of Corbin's and my last names- King and Fredrick- KINRICK!

6.) Beside Kinrick each of you is involved in other bands, e.g. your drummer Stian Kristoffersen plays also for Firewind and Pagan's Mind. So which priority does Kinrick have to you?

Stephen Fredrick: For me personally it is my number one priority. Stian plays in quite a few bands but I assume that Pagan's Mind is his. Corbin is working on a new Vainglory Cd plus he has a few other things he is working on. With that said I am sure all members would jump to whichever band that made the big break. In today's world it is a good idea to get yourself into as many musical projects as possible. You just never know what the public might go crazy over.

7.) I think the mentioned Stian Kristoffersen is a good cue. How did this cooperation comes to live? I mean three Americans and one Norwegian isn't common.

Stephen Fredrick: David Chastain knew Stian from when he produced the Firewind Cd. Stian told David if he found another band that needed a drummer to let him know. David sent him the stuff and Stian was into it. I think Stian is one of the best metal drummers around so we were very happy to get him aboard.

8.) Ten songs, one album, one word - perfect! So you'll understand I have to ask this one: Are you planing some live-performances in near future? If yes, in Europe, too?

Stephen Fredrick: Actually we are in discussion with our European label Majestic Rock about bringing the band over for a tour. However at this moment nothing is firm. Hopefully it will happen. I think the band would do very well in Europe.

9.) How does the future of the music industry look like? Up or down?

Stephen Fredrick: I guess it depends on what part of the world you live in. As far as metal goes, I would say here in the US things look up. In Japan unfortunately, after a long run, metal is on the decline. I believe in Europe it is still up. Here in the states traditional metal has made somewhat of a comeback but still not near as popular as the 80s. Lets hope things continue in the right direction.

10.) The last words are yours: So what do you finally want to say?

Stephen Fredrick: Check out the new "Sense of Darkness" Cd. I think you will dig the music and lyrical content. We are a serious band with serious intentions!

Thanks for answering the questions. Excuse some mistakes. ;-)

Stephen Fredrick: My pleasure!!

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