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1.) Hello, your debut SENSE YOUR DARKNESS is a really good Metal album. Congratulations! How would you describe it in a few sentences?

Corbin King: I'd say....heavy, melodic, and powerful are a few good words to describe the sound of the cd. It always sounds fresh to me when I hear it...most of the cds I'm involved with, you know, you'll get sick of hearing it after so many countless listenings throughout the whole process. This cd stays catchy and hits the ears well each time in my opinion.

2.) Although you're album contains mainly good old Thrash Metal, you put also other Metal genres on it. What are your influences?

Corbin King: My particular influences are more 'shred' oriented and even more technical and heavy than this cd actually came out. I cut my teeth on early Megadeth, Testament, and things of that sort...throw in the Malmsteen and rip it up a bit and you've got a great combo. My tastes do however span a wider variety, those things just happen to be the ones that stick out to me at this time I'm thinking about it. I'd say this cd shows the more classic side, a bit more laid back, yet still heavy as can be. I think there are alot more styles that have come together ranging from the early metal influences all the way thru some modern sounds. All the guys in the band come from slightly different metal backgrounds, so it was a good environment for these things to mesh together.

3.) Obviously, your album presents itself unified, so it doesn't look like a real debut. How comes?

Corbin King: I'm not sure I understand this one....It is certainly a debut for the Kinrick band. If I gather this correctly, perhaps the fact that we all come from somewhat other successful names might be what you're saying here. I've got the Vainglory band, Stephen came from Firewind, as did Stian. James was in the Zanister band with David T. Again I think that all us individually had something unique to offer this situation and it was definitely fitting to create a whole new enitiy around us...therefore Kinrick was born.

4.) One song contains the exclaiming line "stand up and fight, when you are right!". Is this to interpret as, let's say, the rise of a band? I mean speaking out what you personally think and telling these thoughts to other people.

Corbin King: Well...this line can having meaning for lots of different things if you apply it that way. It can have it's own personal meaning for anyone. Something you may be going thru or that you believe strongly in. In the case of this song, Chastain wrote the lyrics here and from what I recall this song is about standing up to the ones that hold you down or in 'your place'. I believe particulary about the government keeping things still so monetarily you a wealthy side and the ones held downtroden...and somewhat abused in this way. Time to fight back.

5.) Your band's name "Kinrick" really doesn't say anything to me. Could you explain it a bit? What stays behind these seven letters K-I-N-R-I-C-K?

Corbin King: Kinrick is a combination of my last name and Stephen's last name. King & Fredrick. Kinrick. Worked out pretty well.

6.) Beside Kinrick each of you is involved in other bands, e.g. your drummer Stian Kristoffersen plays also for Firewind and Pagan's Mind. So which priority does Kinrick have to you?

Corbin King: Kinrick is its whole new thing to me. I treat it as so. My main band is still Vainglory. Even though I have been and will be involved with other things past and in the near future, I don't have a problem being involved with more than one band at a time. This band kinda worked out well for me since Vainglory is still in the final recording, mixing, and rehearsal stages of our new cd, Kinrick came along and gave me something to work on. I definitely treat it with priority, because anything I'm ever invloved with gets my 100% at that time put into it.

7.) I think the mentioned Stian Kristoffersen is a good cue. How did this cooperation comes to live? I mean three Americans and one Norwegian isn't common.

Corbin King: He was brought on board by the label Leviathan. David Chastain kind of sighted us all out in the back of his mind and then approached us all individually to see if we'd be into it. This is how things came together. We were all for it and everyone worked out great. I mean, Stephen and I live less than an hour away from each other but it took til now and the right material for us to do something together. So, it's always a case by case scenario, everything just happened to line up for everybody this time.

8.) Ten songs, one album, one word - perfect! So you'll understand I have to ask this one: Are you planing some live-performances in near future? If yes, in Europe, too?

Corbin King: As it sits right now I have not heard of any live performances that are scheduled. Would we do them if there were? Definitely. This is something that has remained unclear at this time...but I'm sure you will hear about it if it becomes a reality.

9.) How does the future of the music industry look like? Up or down?

Corbin King: It's hard to say. I'd like to be an optimist and say things are changing for the better. Sometimes I really feel like they are..then again I'll get the mixed feeling of what I'm seeing on Headbanger's ball and Fuse and other shows and most of it is pure shit. So, I've kinda stopped trying to think about it too much and just push on in the direction I always have, keep wrting and recording and soon enough I'll make my mark on things and that's all I can ask. I'd say the metal scene certainly needs a saviour of sorts...and I'm ready and qualified to do it.

10.) The last words are yours: So what do you finally want to say?

Corbin King: Thank you all for your support and your interest! Stay tuned for many great things coming your way from yours tuely. Most of all, kick some ass and STAY METAL!!

Thanks for answering the questions. Excuse some mistakes. ;-)

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