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First of all i want to know, what does Kinrick means?

Corbin King: Kinrick is a combination of my and Stephen's last names. King & Fredrick. Kinrick. Works pretty well!

You all played in different bands before Kinrick, are you still involed in other Bands or is Kinrick your main focus?

Corbin King: I am still involved in other bands. My main band is Vainglory. I have also done a few instrumental releases and now the Kinrick band. Even though I have been involved in other things simultaniously, I devote 100% of my efforts to them all...nothing sacrifices.

How do you get all the bandmembers together?

Corbin King: Kinrick was kind of designed by David Chastain. He picked us all out ahead of time and asked us if we were interested in the idea. We all agreed! We are all from the Leviathan family in one way or another. I'm from Vainglory and solo efforts, Stephen is known most for his role in Firewind, as is Stian the drummer, and James was in the band Zanister with David Chastain.

"Sense your Darkness" is an fantastic Piece of Metal, you have used all songs you wrote for this CD? Or have you any leftovers for singles or Ep?

Corbin King: I think there may be still a song or 2 floating around that could wind up on something of that nature...or possibly be material for a second full length release..time shall tell!

Your producer was David Chastain, how do you get in contact with him?

Corbin King: I met David quite a few years ago at a concert. I was young, had a band and he kinda trimmed the fat off of it and got me focused on what I needed to do to get where I was going. We stayed in touch, I sent demos and the rest is history. So by working with him and having some cds signed to the Leviathan label the contact was already there. Everything just fell into place with the other members too, we all had the Leviathan affiliation and were pretty much a phone call away.

Are you satisfied with the result? I mean all production, songs, cover?

Corbin King: I am. After I did my guitar parts I somewhat distanced myself from it until I got the finshed cd in the mail one day. Then when I popped it in it was fresh and I heard everything come together for the 1st was cool. The sound is clear, crisp and loud. The cover art is pretty cool...I also think the Euro art is cool too but I've only seen it in pictures..still gotta get a real copy of it from there!

Can you explain me how the Cover and the Album-name "Sense your Darkness" is connected?

Corbin King: On the US version, the person waking from the dream can kinda sense something in the ever woke up and just felt weird like you're not alone...This is a more extreme version of that. Kinda more like an omnipresent force that won't leave you be.

I visited your bandhomepage, there I found an different cover from the Album, why you used two different covers?

Corbin King: A lot of the time when a cd is released, especially in different territories of the world and licensed by different companies those companies have their own art teams and staff they get to use as part of the deal. Sometime they go with a standard version of the art, sometimes they change it a little, sometime they create a whole new one. It really just depends on the specifics of the agreement. I think it's cool because it makes each release a bit more special and you have something new to look at and take in.

The Model on the cover, was it just hired or some of you have known her?

Corbin King: I really have no idea on that one. I know next to nothing about the European release or how they came up with the idea. I've only seen small thumbnail pics on the net of it, I don't own an actual copy of it. I'd say though it's probably someone they know or had some submissions sent in over time.

You play an very strong and traditionell Style, just like in the good ol 80ites, are you listen for yourself to such kinda music?

Corbin King: Sometimes...I have wide tastes from classic to some modern stuff...and when I say madern I mean like Black Label not this boy scout screaming band shit...or death metal...I don't relate to that stuff. I take a melding of everything and thats what comes out. I mean evryone is like that, everyone has had influences in their lives no matter what they learn from those things and it helps shape you into your own thing in the end. But, yeah I can hang with the classic stuff...Maiden, some Priest...but I also love the fire and heaviness of some new things too.

Do you like modern or up to date-Music?

Corbin King: Hah funny this question followed. Some if very little. Like I said BLS is probably as modern as I like, I do have a lot of old school mentality and ethics. I will give anything one chance. I really have no use for any of the cookie monster or boyscout screaming shit and all the blast beat stuff...makes me wanna kill the bands playing it!

Here we have our "Sleazy-Or"-Questions, please make an Decision

Beer or Whiskey
Vinyl or CD
Silicon Tits or Natural
Judas Priest or Kid Rock
Groupies or Pornstars
PORNSTARS, dont have to be around them
Guitar or Keyboard
Leather Leone or Lita Ford
USA or Canada
Shaved Pussy or Hairy
Lemmy or Alice Cooper
Strip-Club or Porn-Movie
NWOBHM or New-Metal

Will we see Kinrick on stage thes next time?

Corbin King: Hopefully soon if we get the offers...keep your fingers crossed!

What was your aim to play guitar?

Corbin King: To be the best I can...and to write music that will impact someones life..also for personal achievments and expression.

Did you have professional Lessons?

Corbin King: Yes, but for only about a year and a half. It was all private study and self determination.

Your favourite records of all time?

Corbin King: Yngwie's Rising Force, Metallica ( any of the 1st 4 cds ), Rust in Peace, BLS The Blessed Hellride, Zakk Wylde Book Of Shadows

Any wishes for you left?

Corbin King: Just to keep kickin some ass, writing and recording some killer tunes.

Next steps in the future?

Corbin King: Finish the new Vainglory cd and get it out on the road.

Last words for our readers!

Corbin King: Thanks for your interest and rock!! STAY METAL!!!

Cd $9.99! (US/Canada orders only)

US Cover Art

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