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With Stephen Fredrick:

Most times you are described as Power Metal Band. I described you as Power Thrash, because I think you are more like the old Thrash Bands that where not so thrashy because of their big influence of Power Metal (like Destiny, Poltergeist,...), but still Thrash. Where do you think you are more part of?

Stephen Fredrick: I just think we are just traditional metal with some elements of numerous styles both new and old. I could see where a few of our riffs are "thrashy!" However I tried to make the vocals a little more melodic than a normal thrash band. Also Corbin brings some newer influences and can blow off most guitarists on this planet.

I would say your sound is very old school with some new style influences.Why you decided to make this old-school Sound?

Stephen Fredrick: Well it is more of what I was brought up on in metal. I am definitely not into those screaming devil types of vocalist or the nu-metal stuff. Of course there are some great metal bands out there who are doing some great things with metal. I would like to think we are also in that category.

Where do you think your roots are based most? What bands do you think influenced your music?

Stephen Fredrick: Traditional metal such as Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Dio but with a super guitarist and monster drummer. Of course we are also indirectly influenced by numerous other bands. Individually none of us would necessarily list the bands above as big influences but as a band sound it definitely falls in that category.

Two of you are from Firewind. Are you still playing in the bands you come from or is Kinrick a new full time job for your music-activities?

Stephen Fredrick: I left Firewind but Stian is still in the band. I think Firewind is great but they needed a European singer so they could tour more. I live here in Atlanta Georgia and I wasn't able to just to pick up and take off to Europe and Japan at a drop of a hat. I love Gus G's playing and writing and I wish him the best. I have many musical things but right now Kinrick is definitely the main focus. I do some local gigs just to keep my vocal chops up but that is nothing serious like Kinrick.

"sense your darkness" is your actual CD (your first one?). What responses you get so far?

Stephen Fredrick: The reviews have been very positive as far as I can tell. You can go to to see many reviews. I think fans and critics appreciate the band as a step forward for all of us. Real metal not some bastardization.

Why you choose to release it with different covers in Europe, or was it an idea of your label?

Stephen Fredrick: We had cover art in the US already completed but Majestic Rock wanted to create something different, especially for Japan. I think both covers are cool in their own right. The Japanese is cover is probably better art but the US cover is actually a better cover for the album title.

Please tell us a little bit about your lyrics. I think they are not so standard like someone can think if he reads the names of the songs on the CD.

Stephen Fredrick: Most of the lyrics on this Cd are for the people who are not so powerful encouraging them to stand for their rights and not to take a bunch of crap from those in power. Lets face it, some of the political stuff that goes on in this world is nothing but destructive insanity. Hopefully one day the people will really be in power not a bunch of greedy, semi-intelligent, small dicked assholes.

Majestic Rock, why you choose to sign a contract with this label? Is the label as good for you as you thought before?

Stephen Fredrick: Since they had offices in both Europe and Japan we felt it would be a good match. Here in the states we are on Chastain's Leviathan Records so we needed a strong company outside the US that believed in the band and could cover the other 2 main territories of the world.

Some tours planed to promote your CD in Europe?

Stephen Fredrick: Majestic Rock is in discussion with a couple of promoters in Europe so hopefully something can be lined up in 2005. We look forward to spreading the "darkness" on the European audiences.

What can we expect next from Kinrick?

Stephen Fredrick: Hopefully a new Cd in 2006 would be cool. I am sure Corbin and I can come up with another heavy bombardment that will please us, the fans and critics alike.

Somelast words?

Stephen Fredrick: Check out "Sense Your Darkness" if you like your metal, serious, heavy, intense and ripping!! See ya soon.

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