Interview with Kinrick for Metal Earth (Germany)
With Stephen Fredrick:

1. Would you mind to introduce the band to the readers?

Stephen Fredrick: KINRICK is an new metal band fronted by myself, x-Firewind vocalist Stephen Fredrick and Vainglory guitar master Corbin King. The other band members are drummer Stian Kristoffersen (Firewind/Pagan's Mind) and bassist James Martin (Zanister). We play serious metal!

2. How and why was this band founded? Should it be a "real" band or a project?

Stephen Fredrick: Producer David T. Chastain found all the members and his spin on it is: "I have been trying to hook up Stephen and Corbin in a band for some time. They live really close to one another in the Atlanta area and logistically and musically I knew they were a perfect match for one another. It was just finding the right situation and material."

3. Who came up with the bandname and does it have a special meaning?

Stephen Fredrick: The band's name is a conglomeration of Corbin's and my last names- King and Fredrick- KINRICK!

4. Who did the cover artwork and which meaning does it have?

Stephen Fredrick: The US cover art by Rainer Kalwitz is easily related to the Cd title. While the European cover is cooler I am not sure what the artist was trying to create but he did a great job.

5. What do you want to express in your lyrics and does it have a reference to the album title?

Stephen Fredrick: The lyrical content on Sense Your Darkness deals with the repression of the downtrodden no matter where they may be in the world. The rich and powerful continue their scourge that only benefits the few at the expense of the many. It is time for the many to stand up for the sake of humanity no matter what the consequences.

6. How do/did you approach the song writing? Guess there is much influence of Corbin King because there's very much guitarwork at the album?!

Stephen Fredrick: Actual our producer, David T. Chastain is the main songwriter on this Cd. Corbin and I had been trying to do a Cd for a few years but the material never seemed to please both of us. David, who has written songs for Hammerfall, Firewind, Kenziner and many others came up with something that appealed to both Corbin and myself.

7. Would you like to do a concept album once?

Stephen Fredrick: Actually the album I did with Kenziner called "Timescape" was a concept Cd. The Cd that Corbin did with Vainglory call "2050" was also a concept album.

8. How would you describe the album yourself?

Stephen Fredrick: The music on the Cd is all in your face, knockdown, take no prisoners, traditional metal. Driving, heavy and gargantuan riffs with serious lyric and vocals with emotion and power.

9. What are your plans for the future?

Stephen Fredrick: I hope to start working on another Cd with Corbin later in the year. I also will keep my ears open for anything else that appeals to my tastes.

10. Will there be any touring in Germany?

Stephen Fredrick: Our label. Majestic Rock, was discussing the matter with some promoters and we hope to be able to tour Germany. Of course it is really out of our hands at this point.

11. Do you strive to play on (summer-)festivals?

Stephen Fredrick: No summer festivals are planned for Europe at this time.

12. What are your favorite bands?

Stephen Fredrick: Too many to mention. I really don't have a favorite but just about any band that plays classy music with vocalists who are singing and not screaming is something I will listen.

13. What do you do in your spare time (if you have some)?

Stephen Fredrick: Not really much spare time these days. Always working on something in one way or another. However I am an avid runner and I usually run a few miles a day and sometimes a marathon if time permits for the proper training.

14. Do you have special memories or connections to any songs (own or others)?

Stephen Fredrick: "Make Me A Man" is a pretty strong message song on the new CD. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

15. Are you religious?

Stephen Fredrick: Not in a traditional sense.

16. What's your attitude towards internet magazines?

Stephen Fredrick: I think they are great for the most part. Sometimes people put them up just with the idea of getting free promos from the record labels and the sites really aren't that good. But for the most part the more the merrier.

17. Finally some brainstorming:

Stephen Fredrick:
festivals: Great if you can stand waiting around all day to play 30 minutes.
beer: Couldn't live without it.
fans: The reason we all do music.
politics: Anit-Bush

Thank you very much, the last words belong to you!

Stephen Fredrick: Check out our new Kinrick Cd "Sense Your Darkness" and if you are a fan of real metal with melodic vocals you certainly won't be disappointed!

Cd $9.99! (US/Canada orders only)

US Cover Art

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