Interview with Kinrick for Obliveon Magazine)
With Stephen Fredrick:

1. Could you explain the bandhistory in a short summarize?

Stephen Fredrick: KINRICK is an new metal band fronted by myself, x-Firewind vocalist Stephen Fredrick and Vainglory guitar master Corbin King. The other band members are drummer Stian Kristoffersen (Firewind/Pagan's Mind) and bassist James Martin (Zanister). We play serious metal! We joined together in 2004 and started recording "Sense Your Darkness." It has just come out in Europe.

2. Stephen, what lead to the split with Firewind?

Stephen Fredrick: I really couldn't tour with the band and Gus wanted someone full time. I thought the 2 Cds we did together were great. We just felt it would be better if he tried to find someone who could give 100% to Firewind. I love Firewind's music and I hope the best for the band in the future.

3. What is the main reason for so many artists being in bands and still going strong for another formation?

Stephen Fredrick: today's world with all of the technology available it is easy to join forces with other musicians whether across the street or across the planet. Plus sometimes the main band you are in, you might not be able to control the music exactly like you may want. So if you play in different bands it gives you more opportunity to express yourself. A really creative musician would have a hard time just playing in one band all the time. I also have a heavy hard rock band called Ruud Cooty ( that is more traditional Hard rock and is a lot of fun. Completely different from Kinrick.

4. How did ya end up producing with a legend like David T. Chastain?

Stephen Fredrick: David has produced Cds in the past that each of the members of Kinrick had played on. (Firewind, Vainglory and Zanister) He wanted to get me and Corbin in a band together since we both live here in the Atlanta area. In the past we couldn't agree on the material but the Kinrick material worked for everyone so here we are!

5. How much input of his ideas & art of playing music would we find the new Kinrick album?

Stephen Fredrick: Quite a bit actually. As I said before in the past Corbin and I couldn't agree on the music so David helped us in that regards. While Kinrick is not necessarily 100% Corbin or 100% myself it is a good starting point for us to move forward and create a new Cd in the not too distant future.

6. What are the main intentions behind the lyrics?

Stephen Fredrick: Generally speaking it is the little guy fighting the big guy. It seems as the rich get richer the poor gets screwed worse and worse. At some point you just got to stand up and fight for what is right. In other words...The lyrical content on Sense Your Darkness deals with the repression of the downtrodden no matter where they may be in the world. The rich and powerful continue their scourge that only benefits the few at the expense of the many. It is time for the many to stand up for the sake of humanity no matter what the consequences.

7. Isn't it risky to release an album in the summer vacation?

Stephen Fredrick: Well....we don't control the release dates, that is the record companies prerogative. In the US it was released earlier in the year and in Japan it will be released this fall. I think a good Cd will rise no matter when it is released. Lets hope so anyway.

8. Please explain your music to someone who hasn't heard it before.

Stephen Fredrick: The music on the Cd is all in your face, knockdown, take no prisoners, traditional metal. Driving, heavy and gargantuan riffs with serious lyrics and vocals with emotion and power. Simply HEAVY SERIOUS METAL!

9. What's behind the artwork? Does a girl still sell?

Stephen Fredrick: I am not sure about the European artwork as it is different than the US. I believe the US artwork fits the title better but the European artwork looks cooler.

10. What is planned for the future?

Stephen Fredrick: We may do a few concert dates to support "Sense Your Darkenss" but our main concern will be promoting the new Cd through the media and begin the process of working on the second Cd.

11. What is your webadress, so I can place it at the end of the interview.

Thanx & Greetings
Steve Burdelak (Obliveon - Webzine)

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