Interview 3/10/2003 by Brett from Transcending the Mundane

1. How do you feel about Hurricane X?

It was enjoyable and challenging to play over very simple tracks and try to make them interesting.

2. How does it differ from your previous solo releases?

There is much more "spontaneity" on this recording, much less structure, and more lead work.

3. Do you feel being an instrumentalist, you are able to be more open minded when writing songs?

Yes, one thing I like about playing instrumental music is the "no boundries" factor.

4. I heard you were possibly doing a project with Ted from Enchant- is this still happening?

Yes, we have been recording demos and are putting together a prog group.

5. Tell me what it's like recording with Mike Haid and David T. Chastain.

Of course, I have done several other recordings with Mike and David, but for this recording, I just played over the pre-recorded trax at home. The 3 of us were never in the same room at the same time.

6. It appears that you guys must get along quite well, as you often work together- do you feel this is just a professional working relationship or that a friendship has developed with these people?

Well, as I said, for this recording, there was no rapport at all, as we did not record at the same time, but it worked out well in the end.

7. What is the status of Zanister and will there be a third album?

I won't be in the band if there is a 3rd album, as I have too many musical endeavors presently. I wish them the best though.

8. As an intrumentalist, it would appear that you have a limited audience- do you prefer to play to impress others or do you try to write something catchy and memorable- or even perhaps a little of both?

One must satisfy oneself first and foremost and then hope that someone else likes the music as well!

9. Does your writing style change when you write solo instrumental discs as opposed to vocal band albums?

Yes, it is definitely a totally different approach, but equally challenging. A vocal melody must be simpler most of the time than an instrumental melody, and there is also the lyric, which is vital. You can kill a great song with a bad lyric or bad vocals.

10. What is your life like in Texas? Do you enjoy living there?

Yes, I like it here. The climate is much more tolerable than in my home state of Ohio, but I do miss my family and friends back "home".

11. What do you do for a living? Are you able to spend as much time as you want playing music or are you limited?

I am a guitar instructor, so that does limit my time for other musical endeavors, but I try to spend as much time as possible composing, recording, etc. and will be back to performing soon as well.

12. What is your brother currently up to? Do you live near one another?

Brian is still in Ohio, but we are constantly in touch - only a mouse click away you know!

13. Final comments?

I hope people will enjoy "Hurricane X" and that they will check out my upcoming solo vocal CD!

Cd $9.99!

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