David T. Chastain interview for Break Out Magazine in Germany 8/2014

Questions by: Jurgen Lugerth

1. David, why did you make a second version of this album? Or better, why does it exist in two forms at all?
DTC: The original version has edits to make it more "appealing" to a larger audience. The Uncut version is the way the tracks were originally written and recorded before I made the cuts for the original version. Some of the tracks are quite different. I also edit out noises that bother me such as string noises and the like. Those drive me crazy. Which is better is up to each listener.

2. What are the main differences between the two?
DTC: The title track is completely different. Plus in Europe there is an instrumental version of the title track. All of the other tracks have differences, some large, some small. There are more guitar solos on Uncut.

3. Would you say you like one more and one less?
As a producer I like the original version the best, as a guitarist I like Uncut the best because there are more solos. As a songwriter the Uncut version is the way the songs were written.

4. Has anybody influencend you in your decision or was it only your own?
DTC: It was my decision. For the last 10 years or so I have been releasing different versions of the same albums. The last Chastain "In An Outrage" had the original version and "The Heavy Mix." In today's computer based world it is very easy to take any piece of music and do all sorts of things to it.

5. So as you have this fine new album out and singer Leather Leone aboard again, will you do more albums and more touring as band or will you stay more producer for other bands after this album?
DTC: Well.... Leather likes to tour and I don't have the time to do so that is always a "war" between us. This week for example she is heading to Brazil to tour as "The Voice of Chastain." So hopefully that will soothe her touring needs. I have another album of material basically recorded... just needs the vocals. It is pretty much in the same vein as "Surrender To No One."

6. How did you lose and get then back Leather again as singer in your project?
DTC: After "For Those Who Dare" we were both burnt out on Chastain. We had put out 7 albums in 6 years and toured pretty heavily in the US. So I went towards my instrumental career as it was the big money maker at the time and also a lot less hassle than dealing with the bands. Leather and I never had a fight or anything. She looked for other things to do but couldn't find anything that met her style so she gave it up. She decided to come back out a few years back. At first I offered to produced a solo Cd for her but she decided to do the SLP Cd. When that didn't turn out as popular as she would have liked, she wanted to do another Chastain Cd. Since I always have tons of music recorded it was an easy process to get in gear.

7. What do you like more in general: To produce other bands or to make your own music?
DTC: I prefer doing my own music. I haven't signed any new acts in a few years. At this point if I am going to spend all that time in studio, I would prefer to do my own thing.

8. You are some kind of legend of the US Metal 'movement'. When you look back, are you satisfied how things went and are running or do you miss something?
DTC: Chastain could have been a bigger band if we had compromised on some issues (labels, tours) but I am pretty independent so I went my own way. It was good for me personally to do that but probably not in my band's best interests. I have been putting out music regularly since the later 80s and making a living doing so... for me I have no HUGE regrets. Everyone looks back and would like to go back in time and do things differently to see how things would have turned out... of course there is no guarantee there would have been better results.

9. Please tell me something about your nearer future plans and gigs and touring.
DTC: As I mentioned Leather is trying to play as many shows as she can under "The Voice of Chastain." If there are any European promoters reading this who would be interested in bringing Leather over for a tour, let us know. There is another Cd in waiting... we will see when it shows.

10. Have you already got a request for Keep It True or Headbanger's Open Air next year? I think you would fit perfectly and I would surely enjoy it!
DTC: Yes we always get invites to those and other larger festivals but it is not something that I want to do anymore.... but never say never! You never know!!!

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