Original CHASTAIN band reforms!



Kate French Era Chastain releases!

CHASTAIN Re-issues!!

Shrapnel Records has re-issued the first 2 Chastain Cds "Mystery of Illusion" and "Ruler of the Wasteland." Band founder David T. Chastain states: "At long last these will be available on Cd as official releases. These Cds aren't to be confused with the bootleg versions that were put out a few years back by a bunch of thieves who called themselves Mega Metal Records, whomever that is/was." "Mystery of Illusion" was originally released in 1985 and "Ruler of the Wasteland" was released in 1986. David adds: "I don't think a week has gone by in 20 years when someone hasn't asked me 'When is "Ruler or Mystery" going to be available on Cd?" The band lineup on "Mystery of Illusion" includes Leather on Vocals, David T. Chastain on Guitar, Mike Skimmerhorn on bass, and Fred Coury, pre-Cinderella, on Drums. The band lineup on "Ruler of the Wasteland" includes the same lineup except Ken Mary is the drummer. Ken Mary went on to play with Alice Cooper and House of Lords amongst others. David's final comments: "In listening back to these Cds I think they hold up very well in the "Classic Metal" landscape. We added a couple of never before available bonus tracks to spice it up for the fans that have waited for an eternity to get these on Cd. At least I won't have to answer again to 'When will they be available on Cd?' Enjoy!"