"Wicked Riffs 8790"

This release features CHASTAIN tracks from the period 1987-1990 re-edited as instrumental tracks for TV/Film Music Supervisors. The CHASTAIN albums of that period were "The 7th of Never," "The Voice of the Cult" and "For Those Who Dare." Wicked Riffs from Heavy Metal's greatest era from one of Heavy Metal's greatest bands! Featuring the guitar histrionics of David T. Chastain, drummers Ken Mary and John Luc He'bert, bassists Mike Skimmerhorn and David Harbour! Metal Musicianship at its finest. (Remastered in late 2012)

Track Listing:
1. Chains of Love
2. The Voice of the Cult
3. Live Hard
4. Child of Evermore
5. Fortune Teller
6. Evil For Evil
7. Take Me Home
8. The 7th of Never
9. Take Me Back In Time
10. 827
11. Feel His Magic
12. It's Too Late For Yesterday
13. Please Set Us Free
14. Night of Anger
15. For Those Who Dare

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