In An Outrage: The Heavy Mix

In An Outrage originally was released in 2004. The story to how this Cd became to be is an interesting one:

The band sent the original tracks to our engineer in Germany, Christian Schmid, to mix and master. Christian transferred the tracks into his system at a different bit rate. He mixed and mastered the music at this bit rate. When the band received the final version back they were shocked because everything was a bit slower than what was recorded. The band contacted Christian and he found out the problem. He remixed and remastered the music at the proper speed and tuning and that was the version that was released.

However recently the band went back and listened to the original version and decided that they actually liked it a lot as it made the music "Heavier." Leviathan Records is now making available the original "Heavy Mix" with no edits or special effects.

Band leader David T. Chastain states, "This extended release shows the songs as they were written, although a little slower and a lot heavier. I actually like some of these better than the versions that were released, especially the long version of "Tortured Love."

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