CJSS: Chastain, David-Guitar, Jinkens, Russell-Vocals, Skimmerhorn, Mike-Bass & Vocals, Sharp, Les-Drums.
US Metal Masters CJSS recorded this demo back during their heyday of the mid to late 80s. CJSS played real songs that featured power vocals, guitar mastery, intense drums and pounding bass. In 1986 CJSS released 2 acclaimed albums: "World Gone Mad" and "Praise The Loud." This demo includes some of the fans' favorite tracks that didn't make the first 2 releases due to time constraints of the vinyl Lp. (You could only put a limited amount of time on a album! 22 or so minutes a side.) While sonically not major label quality, the audio is remarkably "live" with few overdubs. This only solidifies the fact that CJSS had what it took to deliver an amazing concert.

Drummer Les Sharp discusses the release: "After listening to the songs on "The 7 Hills Demo" I was quite surprised how good the quality was for a demo recording. I think the fans would enjoy having songs that were originally recorded as the band's reference tapes. When we recorded these songs, I never dreamed they would ever be made public. One song in particular was one of my personal favorites', "Movements QP827". I had a great time recording this song because I was just playing along jamming with the guitar. I did not think anyone would ever hear that jam but the band members. I hope our fans enjoy listening to "The 7 Hills Demo" as much as I did. It really brings back some great memories! "

Track listing:
1. Ready For Action
2. She's Too Hot For Love
3. Stand Up
4. On The Hunt
5. Movements QP827
6. Ready For War
7. I'm Alive
8. Need Of Dreams
9. Caught You Red Handed
10. Tell Me You're Near
11. Annemoragan

Nice review from Fireworks Magazine (UK)


CJSS - World Gone Mad


CJSS - Praise The Loud


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