Interview 3/31/2004 by Thiago from Whiplash

The first album you bought (rock / metal)

Michael Harris: Burn - Deep Purple

Your Top 5 rock / metal abums of all time

Michael Harris: Brain Salad Surgery - ELP
Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Hemispheres - Rush
Song For America - Kansas
Master of Reality - Black Sabbath

The last album you bought (brief comments on it)

Michael Harris: Tri Tone Fascination - Shawn Lane
I really like the music, playing, and diversity of this disc.

An album that changed your life (why?)

Michael Harris: "Earthquake" by Electric Sun
Uli Roth's soloing on this was absolutely cosmic and indescribable.

- The album that you listened to more times in your life

Michael Harris: The Rush catalog from "Fly By Night" through "Hold Your Fire"

The better artwork for the frontcover of a disc

Michael Harris: Beatles White Album

An album that you would give to your biggest enemy

Michael Harris: Load - Metallica

An album that you would like to have recorded

Michael Harris: Diary of Madman - Ozzy

Four bands that you would call for a festival

Michael Harris: Judas Priest, Ozzy, Accept, Loudness.

A band that definitely should call it a day

Michael Harris: U2

Three bands that you'd like to see doing a reunion

Michael Harris: Zep w / Jason B; The Police; Kansas (w / Livgren)

An album of the 70's that you recommend
Michael Harris: Todd Rundgren's Utopia

An album of the 80's that you recommend
Michael Harris: Russian Roulette - Accept

An album of the 90's that you recommend
Michael Harris: Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop - STP

- Three instrumental guitar rock / metal anthems... (name of the songs and by who)

Michael Harris: Into the Arena - Michael Schenker
Far Beyond the Sun - Yngwie
La Villa Strangiato - Rush

Three songs that you like to play most (Solo career)

Michael Harris: Julius Seizure
Prosthetic Brain
The End of Forever

A song that better define your career (being yours or not)

Michael Harris: "Transmigration of Souls" from "Distorted Views"

- A song you really like, but you can't understand why... it's horrible and you know that!

Michael Harris: I either like it or I don't

A vocalist that definitely doesn't please you

Michael Harris: Eddy Vedder

- Complete this sentence: "I'm so fan of this band, that I'd buy their tribute album to Kenny G"...

Michael Harris: That's pushing it.

How was your weirdest encounter with a fan?

Michael Harris: Nothing weird.

- Time to choose... (give a brief comment on your choice)

Alex Masi or George Bellas
Michael Harris: both

David Martone or Cyril Achard
Michael Harris: both

Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) or Rob Johnson (Magnitude 9)
Michael Harris: Rob Johnson

A song that you'd like to be played in your funeral

Michael Harris: "A Soul's Torment", a song I wrote for "Sketches From the Thought Chamber"

What would you like to write on your tombstone?

Michael Harris: State Farm Life. Policy now terminated.

- If you could start a project like the G3... besides you, mention two guitarists that you would to share the stage with:

Michael Harris: Michael Schenker, Uli Roth

You have fear of...

Michael Harris: Heights, marriage, bad music.

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