Sacred Ground

Joe Stump's Reign of Terror and their reissue of "Sacred Ground" features some of the most impressive Euro melodic power metal in memory. Joining up the talents of guitar master Joe Stump and x-Yngwie, Loudness vocalist Mike Vescera has proved to be a very lethal combination. Most great metal bands throughout history have always had that explosive duo of a super guitar player and excellent vocalist. The Reign of Terror now joins that elite list.

The powerful rhythm section of drummer Matt Scurfield and bassist Jay Rigney, both from the band Event, proved to be another stroke of genius. These Berklee grads are able to keep up and add their own special touches to these very memorable tunes written by the mighty tandem of Stump/Vescera.

Joe states, "I had been trying to hook up with a great vocalist and by luck I met Mike and we hit it off instantly. We did a few live dates just to see if we clicked in a concert environment and to say it was musical magic is being humble. We also seemed to think as one when it came to writing the material for Sacred Ground."

Trying to pick the best songs from this Cd is an impossible task. From the opening massive riff of "Save Me" to the elongated guitar solo on the last track of "Still Holding On" nothing in between weakens the final effect of Masters of their craft bringing a remarkable Cd to the heavy musical landscape. Tracks such as "Set Us Free," "Sacred Ground" and "Save Me" are relentless up tempo barn burners. The band's commercial mind set is most apparent in tracks such as "The Unknown" and "Last Time." All of the songs are melodic metal masterpieces. The band covers the Rainbow classic "Kill The King" as if it was created specifically for The Reign of Terror.

Mike adds "Joe handed me the music to the songs and told me to write whatever I wanted. I set out to try to write the absolute best lyrics and melodies to the amazing music that Joe had composed. I spent nearly a year making sure that everything was just right before we let it out the door. The music is a perfect fit for my voice and style. I have never been happier with a recording!"

To say the Joe Stump has raised the bar for all aspiring guitarists of the world would be an understatement. Joe's amazing riffs, solos and harmony guitar parts on this new Cd will be hard for anyone to top. Never before has Joe released such a mesmerizing performance that matches his always impressive guitar chops within great metal songs.

The Reign of Terror seems to have all the ingredients to become a very successful band in the new century: great musicianship, image, a superb guitar/vocalist combination and instant classic metal songs. The band certainly is showing us the way to "Sacred Ground!"

"Conquer and Divide"

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