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In the year 2050...

At sometime in the future (maybe not that far away).

1% of the population owns all of the money and power. They pay the Citizens Containment Forces (CCF) to keep the population in check. The average person lives in endless low rent apartments/housing doing mindless jobs that only benefit the 1%. People basically don't understand their predicament, due to propaganda, schooling and a Valium type drug in the water and all other liquids called Psyunizone (code name Mastermind). All non 1% of the population are killed no later than age 65 to keep the work force at best efficiency (code name Directive 65). People think they are going to a retirement paradise at the age of 65, as that is what they are told and taught all their lives. In reality they are sent to death camps. Eradication chambers. All non conformers will be sent to Reformatory factories where lobotomies, drugs and electroshock therapy are practiced. People conform or die. The 1% live in excessive luxury in parts of the world that few see. The so called Promised Land. Mainly hidden in valleys amongst the mountain ranges or on coastlines. They have many slaves. Refusal or disobedience means execution. No wars, only containment of the masses. A slight resistance movement has begun. Code name: Zaron Resistance (named after an early leader who was executed). Fighters are trying to gain freedom, or at least alert the masses to their plight...............

Our story emerges in the early Spring of 2050, A Zaron rebel sits by a small fire in the hull of an abandon freight barge......

Kia sits by a fire just outside of town in an abandoned shipping yard. As sleep almost comes upon him, he gathers his thoughts. Never in his life has he been anything more than half asleep. Constantly avoiding the CCF, he moves from place to place, town to town, bunker to bunker. A thin strong hearted man he has listened to the soldiers Of "The Lost And Found", a story of the tale of Kia's father before him, from the stories of the Zaron fighters. He was a prodigy child, born with the gift of speech and persuasion, and trained for the ability to survive anything. Like the great martyr William Wallace he lives only to be free. His perseverance is legendary throughout the land.

However those untouched by his words or sincerity dismiss his claims of "Mastermind" and "Directive 65". Mastermind, the code name operative is a silent policy of the CCF in which a Valium type drug called Psyunizone is put in all the drinking reserves. What incurs due to this is a numbing of society as a whole. Citizens become docile and unmotivated. Kia and the Zaron fighters have devised an Anti-chemical Response Capsule (ARC). When this is distributed to a community the Psyunizone is counteracted.

Kia sets in and preaches to the masses of the Promised Land they are taught of, and the great lie that has been told. He convinces them of Directive 65 and the slaughter that is to come. He rallies the people into a frenzy, "DAMN THE EXECUTIONER!" are the chants that slowly fill the land like small fires in the night. Written off until those magical moments when he expresses his sincerity and devotion; "FIGHT TILL THE DEATH WE MUST", his war cry is heard throughout his tone to the murky minds of society.

The government completely ignores the existence of the Zaron warriors in front of the masses, however there is a mad search for Kia and his personal band of resistance fighters by the CCF. A few days back Kia had stumbled across a young soul by the name of Lexer Christian on the Cybernetics Operations Platform System (a modern form of the internet named COPS). Through brief conversation Kia discovered that this young impressionable mind was the son of one of the CCF Prime Captains, Lars Christian. Due to medical problems the young man is exempt from receiving the drug Psyunizone. The high captains assumed since he was in a strict environment and his father was the Prime Captain, that the drug served not much purpose with this child.

Unbeknown to The CCF was that this child was the brother of Kia, for he is the actual son of Glen and Rhonda Storm. Kia's father was on the inside for many years as a spy for the Zaron warriors. When the global takeover took complete effect he retreated to the sub dwellings in the fault lines at Zaron central. He took with him his only son Kia, whom was 11 at the time. Unfortunately he had no choice but let Kia's mother and others to think they had been killed. Lars Christian took claim to Kia's mother and forced her into marriage just days after the takeover. She was pregnant with Glen Storms child. Kia knows of this, but never thought he would ever have contact with this child. A cold chill runs down his spine as he contemplates the doorway that has so recently been opened for him.

This child is unaltered and of the same genetic makeup. "If only I can get him to trust me,.... then to follow me" Kia thought to himself as he stared into the fire. One day he will be in top command. The possibilities are endless. Kia senses a strong urgency to convey "The Truth" to his long lost brother. He closes one eye and gets a moderate rest for the evening. All the while reviewing his words and path. His story must be perfect this time, he must tell it this way.......


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