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VAINGLORY is an intelligent new band that features intense riffs, masterful guitar, virtuoso drumming, heavy bass, powerful vocals and thought provoking lyrics on their spellbinding debut release 2050. Based around Corbin King, who should be the metal guitar hero for the new millennium, this band has all the ingredients in place to be a major force on the metal market for years to come.

The word VAINGLORY is defined as "excessive or ostentatious pride in one's achievements." After listening to 2050 you will see the band has every reason to feel quite excessive in their pride for recording one of the best debut releases in metaldom.

Along with the previously unknown guitarist/songwriter Corbin King the band includes new vocal sensation Ted Brasier. Ted is based in Cincinnati Ohio and came to the attention of producer David T. Chastain from his work with the band Liquid Nation. Ted's ability to mix intensity, conviction and emotion is very uncommon in today's singers. Plus Ted's live performances are legendary throughout the Midwest.

Drummer Brian Harris, whose previous credits includes performances on the Firewind, Kenziner and Zanister recordings, has without a doubt now established himself along side the greats in metal drumming. Brian's heavy beats, fills and footwork on 2050 is some of the best metal drum work ever laid down.

Bassist Kevin Kekes's main claim to fame was from his former band Damien. Kevin rounds out the band and adds his experience and class to an already powerful line up. The bass adds the perect compliment to Corbin and Brian's massive chops.

The band sites influences ranging from Megadeth, Metallica, Testament, Priest, Death, Rush and Pantera. Listening to the music on 2050 you can hear traces of these bands showing up from time to time to create this metal triumph.

2050 is a concept album that will cause the listener to think about what the future may hold if things continue on their present course. The story line tells of the year 2050 when 1% of the population owns all of the money and power. They pay the security forces, (CCF) Citizen Containment Force, to keep the population in check. There are no wars amongst nations as the rich and powerful have united for their own personal gains above national interests. The average person lives in endless low rent housing doing mindless jobs that totally benefit the 1%. People basically don't understand their predicament due to propaganda, schooling and a Valium type drug in the water and all other liquids. Code name the Mastermind project. All non 1% of the population are killed no later than age 65 to keep the work force at top efficiency. Code name Directive 65. At age 65 people think they are going to retirement paradise, The Promised Land. That is what they are told and taught all their lives. In reality they are sent to death camps. The 1% live in excessive luxury in parts of the world that few others see. No wars, only containment of the masses. A resistance movement has begun. Fighters are trying to gain true freedom, or at least alert the masses to their plight. Please see the accompanying story for more details!

VAINGLORY 2050. Words that should be paramount in metal for years to come!!!

An absolute must have Cd for fans of power metal!!

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