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Fear No Man Cd Cover Art

"One of the meanest, nastiest and best metal albums I've heard in quite some time"
Carl Begai of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

ZANISTER's new release "FEAR NO MAN" should move the band to the top of the ever growing list of progressive power metal bands. Showcasing musicianship, compositional integrity and riffs from hell, this Cd seems a logical progression from the band's very well received 1999 release "Symphonica Millennia." That Cd was called by one reviewer as "Simply the best heavy metal album ever released."

Joining guitarists Michael Harris and David T. Chastain once again in the band is vocalist Brian Sarvela, formerly of The Reign of Terror. Brian's performance on this Cd totally outclasses all of his previous recorded works.

David states, "On this Cd the material was written more around Brian's vocals than the other way around. On "Symphonica Millennia" Brian joined the band after most of the material had been written. However on this Cd Brian contributed lyrics to a couple of songs and had great input throughout."

Brian Harris, Michael's younger brother, handles the drums and puts forth another impressive performance. Whipping off difficult double kick drums parts is bringing Brian world recognition as one of the best in this style of drumming.

James Martin, a member of Michael's solo project, tackles the mammoth bass parts with added power that adds the extra low end ingredient that makes this Cd sound a step ahead of other metal bands.

The music fits in the progressive melodic power metal style which incorporates traditional as well as contemporary influences. Michael states, "David and I wanted to record a CD that sounded not unlike Symphonica Millennia just a little heavier and progressive. Music that is very heavy, with strong compositions, vocals up front and powerful, intense drumming, and of course more sophisticated metal guitar playing."

ZANISTER is a word created and defined by David T. who says the meaning is "Sophisticated Intensity." David states, the name has created a life of its' own. "Everyone wants to know what the name means."

The lyrical content covers issues that have significant meaning within the band. Covering topics from the inequities of wealth distribution ("You Live For Greed") to the ever growing youth violence ("Generation Breakdown") to parallel dimensions ("The Fallen").

David states, "We had 3 guys writing lyrics for this recording and each of us wrote of things important to our world views. I seem the most political of the group and I think certain things need to be changed quickly in the world before it is too late. It is uncomprehensible to me that the richest 200 people in the world have more wealth than the poorest 2.4 billion people. How did we possibly allow this event to happen at this point in time."

ZANISTER's new cd "FEAR NO MAN" is an impressive and powerful statement for the world of metal for this and years to come.

  • Brian Sarvela-Lead and backing vocals
  • Brian Harris-Drums
  • James Martin-Bass guitar
  • Michael Harris-Guitar and keyboards
  • David T. Chastain-Guitar, keyboards and backing vocals

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