SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN-Very Heavy Blues Rock featuring David T. Chastain!

KINRICK-Incredible new band featuring guitarist Corbin King and vocalist Stephen Fredrick!

JOE STUMP-Shred Monster supreme!!

DAVID T. CHASTAIN -Solo and other assorted bands

FIREWIND-Featuring guitarist Gus G!

CORBIN KING-Amazing all instrumental Cd!

VAINGLORY-Heavy band featuring guitarist Corbin King!

JOE STUMP's The Reign of Terror-Joe's vocal project with Mike Vescera!

ZANISTER -Metal band with guitarists Harris and Chastain and vocals!!

MICHAEL HARRIS-Great all instrumental guitar

KENZINER-Epic Symphonic Power Metal featuring vocalist Stephen Fredrick!

CJSS-Cincinnati, Ohio 80s Metal Masters: Chastain, Jinkens, Skimmerhorn & Sharp

JOHN HAHN -Great all instrumental guitar

FULL CIRCLE-Groove Metal

LEATHER-Chastain's original vocalist's Shock Waves

Cincinnati Improvisational Group-Extreme metal improvisational jams from Chastain, Haid & Skimmerhorn

SIMPLE AGGRESSION-90's Metal Supreme

Chastain, CJSS, Southern Gentlemen, Zanister, David T. Chastain T-shirts and more!