"The 7th Of Never" and "The Voice of the Cult"

This release is a remastered, repackaged, reissue of the classic CHASTAIN albums "The 7th of Never" and "The Voice of the Cult" on one Cd.

Both albums featured the studio lineup of David T. Chastain on guitar, Leather on vocals, Mike Skimmerhorn on bass and Ken Mary on drums.

"The 7th of Never" was originally released in 1987 and David states, "Of all of the Chastain Cds this one probably has the best lead guitar playing from top to bottom. This was during an era where my chops were at the top of their shred game." "The 7th" was a very personal album for me and it is still sometimes hard to listen to certain tracks for the feelings they evoke."

"The 7th of Never" album has never been commercially available before in the United States on Cd. During the "7th" era the band did numerous headlining tours throughout the United States as well as playing arena shows with bands such as Alice Cooper and Kiss. The touring band of that time included Les Sharp of CJSS on drums and on some shows, second guitarist Pat O'Brien. Pat is currently a member of the death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

"The Voice of the Cult" was released in 1988 and is the best selling Chastain Cd of the Leather era and according to David, "This Cd was the most commercial of the albums of the Chastain releases. Songs such as 'Live Hard' and 'Chains of Love' where unusually accessible for that band. "The Voice of the Cult" was specifically written for the fans. As strange as it is to believe our main Cd manufacturer of the time refused to print the Cds because they assumed we were talking about some sort of satanic cult. IDIOTS!!"

The touring band of this time included John Luke He'bert on drums and bassist David Harbour. Both of these guys went on to be in King Diamond's band in the mid 90's.

David continues, "I would have to say that the last tracks on both Cds, ('Forevermore' off "7th" and 'Take Me Home' off "Voice") are my favorite tracks. Long, slow, deeply emotional songs that I am still proud of today. To be quite truthful I think both albums have withstood the test of time and hold up quite well to traditional metal standards."

Leather and David did one more album together, the 1990 "For Those Who Dare." The video for the title track was played numerous times on Headbangers Ball. The band also did a live radio broadcast over the Z Rock network. That band's final national tour also was in 1990.

After taking five years off from Chastain, David came back with a new band in 1995 featuring vocalist Kate French. This band continues recording to this day.

After twenty years CHASTAIN is still going strong and with a very prolific catalog whose albums certainly fall into the category of "metal classics."

This cd is regarded as a classic amongst most CHASTAIN fans!!

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