It's been 7 years since the last Chastain Cd. What took so long?

DTC: Yeah it feels like the new Guns n' Roses release. We actually started working on the Cd back in 2000 and we really felt no big rush. There were some personal things with certain members of the band that didn't allow a full blown effort at times. Also everyone recorded their parts on their own with me overseeing the results so it was just a little different strategy involved than most Cds. Then we had some business problems with some of the labels we licensed the Cd to originally. The Cd was actually finished about one year ago and should have been out in early 2004. However the delay has had the unusual happenstance of allowing the major press to actually hit the streets before the Cd is released. That is a first!! So the bottom line is that the delay has created quite a buzz for this new Cd.

Tell us about your new members: Bassist Dave Starr and Drummer Larry Howe?

DTC: Of course Dave and Larry have a good reputation for being on some of those early Vicious Rumors Cds and are true metal warriors in their own right. Kate lived out in San Francisco as does Larry and Dave and it just fell into place that they should join the band. Nothing against any of our former rhythm sections but this one just felt like the best one for this music. Larry and Dave both did a helluva job on the new Cd!! Dave used an 8 string bass which added a lot more low end to the mix.

Some early reviews have talked about the band reverting to old school. What is your take?

DTC: I guess it is hard for me to be objective about the music. However I just write what I write when I write it with no real concern of what is happening or is not happening. With that said I think all of the Cds are basically in the same area musically. We got a little flak for the Cd "Sick Society" for sounding "all modern." However I just think that Cd was a more straight forward release with less complications and not that far removed from For Those Who Dare." Kind of funny because Sick Society is showing up allover VH1, SCIFI channel and other cable networks as background music for shows. I think the mix on that Cd is what makes it sound different from the others. To me, all things considered, the last Chastain Cd "In Dementia" was the best Chastain release up to that time. That Cd rocks and the production is top notch. The old Cds had a certain quality and feel that were great for the times. The 7th of Never Cd has the most technically proficient guitar playing. So in my mind all of the Cds have their good points above the others. "In An Outrage" has the biggest sound of all.

Tell us about the video for "Bullet From A Gun."

DTC: We recently shot that out in Oakland California at 880 studios and I believe it turned out great. More of a performance type of thing instead of a bunch of nutty effects. Kate is totally rocking! With a little luck maybe we can place it on some of the bigger networks.

Any tour plans on this release?

DTC: Well you never know. If the response is really great I would consider it. These days it is hard to get away for any great length of time. However under the right circumstances we would love to do it.

The guitar sounds is massive on this release. What did you play through?

DTC: Pretty much everything was recorded with a Marshall Valvestate and an old Marshall Cabinet. I used a Kramer Baretta guitar with quadrail pickups. Those pickups produce an incredible metal sound. I was really happy with the guitar tone. No effects to speak of in laying down the tracks other than a couple of things on the lead tracks.

You have to admit, the solos sound a little "old school."

DTC: Now that I will agree on. For some reason it was like 1987 and "Instrumental Variations." I would listen back to some of the stuff and go "Where did that come from?" I usually just improvise all solos so whatever happens happens. Of course the guitar choir before In An Outrage goes back to the "good old days." I think the Baretta just lent itself to that style. Whatever the reason I was happy with the results. No fast nonsense just for flash

What did you think of Kate's writing on this release compared to previous efforts?

DTC: I thought the "In Dementia" Cd had an amazing performance from Kate in both writing and singing. On the new Cd it will take time to reflect to see if she topped that or not. We had a few "friendly" confrontations on this Cd in regards to vocal placement. She hears things a lot different than I do on certain parts. However the end result all sounds natural so I guess that is what matters. I think Kate should really get extra credit on this release for her past work as well as this one. When we released Sick Society in 95 and In Dementia in 97 female vocalists were not nearly as well received as they are today. Some idiots wrote her off just because she was hot looking and she didn't look like a grunged out drug induced Seattle gutter tramp. They can stick it where the sun don't shine. Kate has got what it takes and certainly ranks with the top vocalists in the world.

How did the old Chastain classic "Angel of Mercy" get on the Hammerfall "Crimson Thunder" Cd?

DTC: Evidently someone in the band was a fan from the old days and they decided they wanted to cover the track. That was great for me as Hammerfall is one of my favorite metal bands since their first Cd. I thought they did a great job on Angel of Mercy. It was cool to hear the song with male vocals. The vocalist, Joacim Cans, and myself became pretty good friends thru e mails and have worked together on other things since then. He has a solo Cd that just came out that is quite good. I wrote the music to the title track "Beyond the Gates." I was really grateful for both happenings.

What else have you been up to recently?

DTC: Well I finished producing a new band with vocalist Stephen Fredrick (Firewind/Kenziner) and Corbin King (Vainglory) on guitar that I am very happy about. Those guys live pretty close to one another here in Atlanta and I have been trying to get them to do a Cd together for years. Finally!! I think both Corbin and Stephen are at the top of their professions. Also I am working on SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN's third Cd. Probably come out in early 2005. I am going to try to bridge the gap between "Exotic Dancer Blues" and "Double Your Pleasure."

Any last words on CHASTAIN "In An Outrage" you want to say?

DTC: Well... I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Everyone in the band did a great job and the initial reactions have been very positive. I am not the greatest judge of a Cd until a few years down the road. I think any true classic metalhead will love the Cd. However if you are into nu-metal....sorry we can't help you. In any case we like it!!!

CHASTAIN "In An Outrage" Cd $9.99

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